'Vampire Diaries' Recap: A 'Graduation' Full Of Surprises


It took about an hour to wrap my head around everything that happened in the season finale of "The Vampire Diaries." The ending, people! The ending!

But before we get to the part that left my mouth agape, we have to talk the rest of “Graduation.”

Rebekah finally caught a break, Elena and Katherine had their best battle yet, a Salvatore was chosen, and Klaus...of course we have to mention Klaus’ quick but lasting moment.


Amidst a pending supernatural apocalypse, Stefan’s drinking to celebrate his 17th high school graduation.  Elena is busy spending time with her brother before Bonnie has to lift the veil at midnight. Then there’s Matt and Rebekah who are in a hostage situation with Alexander. Matt’s stuck on a bomb, if he moves…he’s a goner. Oh yeah, and Katherine swears she’ll kill Elena now that Bonnie’s broken her promise of giving her Silas-like immortality. Elena gets a call from Connor that he wants the cure and Silas, or else all the nice people who are in town for graduation aren’t going to make it. While that’s going on, Damon’s shot with a werewolf-laced bullet.

With everything that’s happening, you’d think graduation would be the last thing on everybody's mind...but nope. They all make it despite the dead roaming in Mystic Falls. After making plans to travel the world together, Rebekah kisses Matt which causes them to trade places, so he can walk the stage. Caroline is frantically trying to get a hold of Klaus to help Damon with his wound, but all the while chipper about their future in college. Elena’s only there because Jeremy wanted her to go, and Bonnie pasted on a smile so that her friends wouldn’t know that their future wouldn’t involve her. And the moment Bonnie had with her dad as he handed her the diploma? If you didn't cry, you might be dead. Or a robot. Or a dead robot.

While the gang is graduating, Damon’s buying time with Vaughn. He gave him the cure and took him to find Silas’ body. Only there’s no body and Vaughn isn’t pleased with all of Damon’s smartass remarks. He proceeds to fill Damon with werewolf-laced bullets. Alaric shows up, kills Vaughn, and calls Stefan to find out what to do. Jeremy said that Damon should take the cure, but of course, he refuses, because he wants Elena to have it. As Damon sat there dying, things got serious for the grads. When one of the supernatural folks goes after Caroline, who shows up? Klaus, that’s right. Our favorite hybrid takes that sucker’s head off with a graduation cap. Since Klaus showed up, Damon’s saved. We don’t see it, but the next scene shows a recovered, shirtless Damon.


After all that madness, Klaus gives Caroline the one thing she’s been wanting: He says Tyler can come back to Mystic Falls and assures her that while Tyler may be her first love, he intends on being her last, no matter how long it takes. Klaus’ sister gets some good news; Matt agrees to take Rebekah up on her offer to see the world. There’s also some happy couple news for one of the Salvatore brothers. Elena may have told Stefan she wanted him to have the cure, but it was Damon who got the real prize. Damon and Elena have it out with this back and forth of “I’m not sorry for this and that,” only to end with Elena saying she’s not sorry she loves him. They kiss. And Stefan ends up all heartbroken.

Jeremy heads to find Bonnie, and after the veil is finally lifted, Jeremy can’t figure out what’s wrong with him. Bonnie tells him that her spell worked, he’s alive again. Then she has to break it to him that...yeah...she’s not so much on the alive side. She tells him to tell Caroline and Elena that she’s spending the summer with her mom.

Elena heads out to search for Jeremy but instead ends up with Katherine. It looks like Katherine’s going to take Elena out, but then we get a flashback of Elena handing the cure off to Stefan, only he doesn’t take it. So Elena, with the cure still in her possession, takes it and shoves it in Katherine’s mouth. As Katherine is laid there unresponsive, Elena told her to enjoy her human life.

And if that wasn’t enough to make you freak out...let’s get to Stefan!

He's packing up to get rid of Silas’ body for good and tells Damon he’s not mad at him about Elena. Him and Lexi have one last moment together before the veil’s lifted. Whatever. Fast forward to Stefan discovering Silas is a bag of stones. Silas shows up in the form of Elena and tells him that because Bonnie’s dead, the spell on him was broken.

And want one more surprise?

Stefan is Silas’ shadow self! So Silas stabs Stefan, stuffs him in a locker, and tosses him into the quarry.

As the locker fills up, the season ends.

So next season is set up to have Silas walking around acting like Stefan? My guess is that everyone is going to think he locked up his emotions because he couldn’t deal with Elena choosing Damon, and things are going to get way out of hand. Ugh, Julie Plec! Really, this is what you’re leaving us with?  Curse you and your ways!