Harley Quinn Joins Sideshow's DC Comics Premium Format Figures - Giant, Wooden Mallet Included!


Harley Quinn has changed both her look and general outlook in the current DC Comics' Universe as a member of the Suicide Squad, and the Joker's ex-girlfriend. Speaking of the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime put Harley through some rather disturbing paces during the "Death of the Family" storyline that will haunt the character for some time; however, in a look to happier (and crazier) times, Sideshow Toys is releasing a classic version of Miss Quinzel, sporting the original costume fans first fell in love with on "Batman: The Animated Series", as part of their DC Comics Premium Format Figure line!


Mr. J’s right hand gal takes center stage, suited for crime sprees and clowning around in her signature red and black tailored fabric costume. With her trademark wooden mallet at the ready, the Gotham City bad girl flaunts her flair for mayhem with that one-of-a-kind crazed grin. Get ready to fall in mad love.


The Exclusive Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure will include a sassy switch-out unmasked head.



Both the regular and Exclusive versions of the Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure will be priced at $359.99 and the Exclusive Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure is available for Pre-Order here.