'Vampire Diaries' Finale: The Top 10 Things We NEED To See

Vampire Diaries Graduation


Excuse me...Bonnie’s dead, the veil is still up, and there was absolutely no Klaus leading into the season finale of "The Vampire Diaries." This show better have its priorities in order and take a look at the following. Let’s hope they have time to do some rewrites (they don't!) if any of these “must see” items aren’t already on the agenda.

10. Someone taking the cure: We’ve seen that little vile with the cure in it for weeks now, it’s about time that someone takes it…but who? Someone from the other side wants it, but it seems like Damon has plans for it.

9. Caroline being a little bad: If you think we’re going to head into summer without this girl embracing a dark side at least for a second with Klaus in the finale, you’re crazy. Klaroline must happen!

Vampire Diaries Graduation

8. Katherine getting what’s coming to her: Elena may’ve turned a new leaf when Jeremy came back, but some part of her still has to want Katherine dead, right? They had one quick fight right before the finale, so it’s only fitting we see a bigger, better one.

7. Rebekah and Matt hooking up: Rebekah’s put in too much work to get with Matt, why wouldn’t we at least get a make out session between the two? Oh yeah, because Alexander’s back and Rebekah’s a little preoccupied with that.

6. Rebekah heading out: When are they going to give this girl an exit strategy to New Orleans to be with Elijah and Klaus? Alexander may have everything to do with that escape.

Vampire Diaries Graduation

5. A window open for Silas: This can’t really be the last we see of him…

4. Elena choosing a Salvatore: Sired to Damon, loving Stefan, back and forth between these two physically and emotionally; it’s time to decide.

3. Raise the veil: Bonnie might be dead, but she better finish what she started.

2. Graduation speeches: This one’s purely for the emotional folks who watch.

vampire diaries Graduation

1. Klaus: There’s talk of an unlikely hero. Could it be? Should it be? Yes and yes.