Exclusive: The Riddler Riddles 'LEGO Batman: The Movie' In This New Clip

Watch: LEGO Batman: The Movie Clip

WB sent over this exclusive clip from "LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Superheroes Unite" that was completely created just for the movie. So if you're a fan of the video games, this is all-new material!

As you see, a blocky, many-pieced Riddler (and the Penguin and Harley Quinn) try to get the jump on a blocky, many-pieced Batman...but things don't go as planned.

From the official synopsis:

LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite provides the ultimate blend of action and humor guaranteed to entertain fanboys of all ages.

The film finds Lex Luthor taking jealousy to new heights when fellow billionaire Bruce Wayne wins the Man of the Year Award. To top Wayne’s accomplishment, Lex begins a campaign for President – and to create the atmosphere for his type of fear-based politics, he recruits the Joker to perfect a Black LEGO Destructor Ray. While wreaking havoc on Gotham, Lex successfully destroys Batman's technology – forcing the Caped Crusader to reluctantly turn to Superman for help.

LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite features the definitive voice of Lex Luthor, Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption, SpongeBob SquarePants). In addition to Baker and Willingham, the cast includes Christopher Smith (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe) as the Joker, and Charlie Schlatter (Diagnosis Murder) in a hilarious turn as the voice of Robin.

"LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite" is out on Blu-ray Combo Pack on Tuesday, May 21.