10 Totally Spoilery 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Easter Eggs


Now that "Star Trek Into Darkness" is finally in theaters, we can talk spoilers, right you guys? Having seen the movie twice already, we picked up more than a few cool little Easter Eggs littered throughout the film that you may – or may not – have picked up on. And seriously, spoilers for pretty much the whole film, so look away if you don’t want to know:


10. Her Name Is Mudd

There’s a lot of references in "Star Trek Into Darkness" direct from IDW’s (pretty flippin’ good) Star Trek comics, but the blink and you miss it one is the reference to the “Mudd Incident,” before Kirk and company head off to the Klingon homeworld. In “Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness,” a female version of scurrilous smuggler Harry Mudd scuffles with the crew, eventually allowing them to confiscate the vehicle (and uniforms) the crew wears to their ridge-head encounter in the movie.


9. The Trouble With…

Another plot point set up in the comics, a Tribble – the hairy balls of reproducing mayhem first seen in TOS, and on Scotty’s desk in the 2009 film – makes an important appearance in STID. As to how the Tribble ended up on the Enterprise? In the in-canon comics, the crew accidentally sends one to Starfleet, and they end up taking over San Francisco… Until the crew can stop them. Still, giving an orgamism that can produce endlessly indestructible super blood seems like… Maybe a bad idea?


8. Alcatraz Gets Destroyed

We might be reading too much into this one, but when Khan crashes the Vengeance into San Francisco, the first thing he takes out is Alcatraz. Probably because it’s a recognizable landmark, but maybe also a stealth reference to the untimely cancellation of the J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot produced FOX show, “Alcatraz?” Whatever the reason, we hope Hauser and Madsen got out in time. You guys get that ref, right? Good. Good.


7. Come On Y’All It’s The Beastie Boys

In the first Star Trek (2009), Kirk memorably drives a slick red car off a cliff to the tune of the Beastie Boys “Sabotage.” In "Star Trek Into Darkness," Kirk memorably gets it on with two sexy alien cat twins to the tune of the Beastie Boys “Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix).” We can only imagine in the third movie, Kirk will be eating bananas while listening to “Brass Monkey.”


6. Thor’s Cameo

If you stuck through the credits, you didn’t get a bonus scene, but you did get two surprising credits: Thor star Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, and Once Upon a Time’s Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk. They played Captain Kirk’s Mom and Dad in the memorable first scene of the 2009 movie, and show up as voices when Kirk is waking up from his death-nap. Guess that’s enough to get a credit!


5. Nurse Chapel, I Presume?

In the original series, Nurse Chapel was Bones’ assistant, and as we heard one person describe her, “Everyone’s girlfriend.” In STID, Carol Marcus references Christine Chapel, who, “became a nurse,” after a disastrous hook-up with Kirk. With Carol joining the crew, and getting her flirt on with both Kirk and Bones, we assume she’s taken the “Everyone’s girlfriend” mantle.


4. Where’s David?

Speaking of Carol Marcus, in Star Trek II, she was in charge of Project Genesis, a weapon/science project coveted by Khan. She was also the mother of Kirk’s son, David. In this new continuity, we’re guessing STID takes place roughly at the same time as “Space Seed,” the episode when TOS crew encounters Khan for the first time - events which take place long before "Wrath of Khan." So no son… Yet.


3. Kobayashi Ma-who?

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the movie begins with Kristie Alley commanding the Enterprise, getting stranded on the edge of Klingon Space when the warp core fails, and then getting destroyed… Only for it to turn out to be the classic Kobayashi Maru test. In STID, The Enterprise gets stranded on the edge of Klingon Space, the warp core fails… And then true to form, Kirk cheats.


2. 72

To any fans of Star Trek, the fact that there are 72 torpedoes should be an instant clue as to John Harrison’s true identity. In “Space Seed,” Khan has 72 of his crew in stasis, just like in STID.



Come on, of course you noticed these. But we’ll flip through the Wrath of Khan references real quick like: 1) Warp core gets damaged; 2) Kirk fixes it, sacrificing his life, instead of Spock in the original movie; 3) Spock places his hand on Kirk’s through the glass; 4) Spock yelling, “KHAAAAANN!!!” There’s also a riff on the classic, “I have been, and always shall be, your friend,” line Spock says as he dies in WOK, but it’s veeery subtle. Instead, Kirk says, “Best buds… Forever.” Kidding, he just says the word “friend” or something.

BONUS: Star Trek Into Elm Street

Heather Langenkamp – Nancy from Nightmare On Elm Street – plays Moto in the movie. We didn’t really notice Moto, and can’t figure out who she was… Can you?