'Arrow' Recap: 'Sacrifice Amidst Destruction


Watching the season finale of "Arrow" could be likened to having a brain that’s forever on caps lock. Every other second was a NO WAY, REALLY, and WTF moment. You can find out why all those moments coincided with heavy breathing and rapid heart rates on MTV Splash Page. For the last time this season, I’m going to say that right now, we need to talk about the episode's title being very fitting, how “ain’t nobody got time for that,” and of course those couple of scenes I had surprised eyes.

The biggest star of the finale was indeed sacrifice. Oliver gave up his freedom when he put an arrow through Fyers to save Shadow. Another sacrifice on the island? Those missile special effects. Oh lord, those were horrendous! Thank goodness every other part of the episode wasn’t like that. While I agreed 100% with Oliver’s choice to take out Fyers, I wasn’t too sure Moira was thinking straight when she decided to tell the whole city she was in on Malcolm’s undertaking plan. She should’ve just said she knew about it, warned the Glades, and been done with it. Moira in prison, that’s not going to be a good look.

Moira did that for her family, but Detective Lance took risks for the city as a whole. Eyes were rolled when he got suspended for trying to give a heads up about Malcolm after he got a call from the hood. That was rude...he was only trying to help! Hats were then tipped when he agreed to detonate the device with Felicity in his ear. Would I have done that? Would I have gone into a part of the city that was about to go kaput? Oh heck no!

So we have people sacrificing their freedom -- for family, for citizens, for love. Thea was quick to head to the Glades to save Roy, but she was a little faster heading out without him when he wanted to stay and help people. It's a toss up on if she really cares. I'm going to have to say...not so much.

Then there’s Tommy. If you’ve read the recap on Splash Page, well then you know what comes next. It was a bold move for Tommy to give his life to save Laurel...but really? She was never going to love him. Did she even say anything after he said, “I love you?” No, she didn’t. At least Tommy got to make peace with Oliver before he exited out of Starling City forever.


Here’s where we need to talk about the parts that caused a remote to almost hit the screen.

So Oliver had just told his mom about his dad and getting rid of Malcolm and...here comes Laurel. As they were sharing that sentimental moment, all you could think was, hurry up! This undertaking cannot wait for their Hallmark exchanges. Laurel was also the cause of the next time concern. After Detective Lance screws up and he goes from having seven minutes to two to detonate the device, he calls Laurel. We have two minutes and you’re going to make a quick call? Get back to it man!


There were two parts of “Sacrfice” where you should’ve had that WTF look on your face. One was because it was a little ridiculous, and the other was because that’s when the story got real. Roy, oh Roy, sadly didn’t meet his hero as the season closed, but did he really have to pretend he was Mr. Hotshot when the Glades were a sea of flames and riots? Calm down, boy! You aren’t a sidekick…yet. Then there was the point where everyone watching had to scream; TWO DEVICES!

I had to literally pause to contain my shock and awe.

So that’s it. We made it through season one of "Arrow," with a lot of stress, Oliver Queen’s magnificent physique and so, so many arrows. The major bummer though? We didn’t find out who the lady in the stilettos was that Fyers was talking to. Was that only important to three people who watch? Let’s hope not. We don't want to sit all summer contemplating Moira’s prison life, Laurel and Oliver’s survivor’s guilt over Tommy, and if Detective Lance will feel more empathy towards the vigilante.