Happy Birthday, George Lucas: Here Are The Top 5 ‘Star Wars’ Birthday Cake Ideas

By Jon Waterhouse

George Lucas turns 69 today. In relation to a certain squatty, pointy-eared, pint-size Jedi, that ain’t diddly. 

It’s still cause for a tip of the X-wing helmet to the daddy of the “Star Wars” universe. Although the bearded one isn’t stopping by our place this evening, we’re contemplating whipping up some celebratory sweets in his honor.


Flipping open our copy of “The Star Wars Party Book” by Mikyla Bruder and Frankie Frankeny, we came across this simple recipe. Clone Trooper Cakes are just cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Bruder, however, instructs the reader how to shape the top of each treat into a Clone helmet, and suggests using chocolate icing for the facial features.


Say you’re burning daylight and can’t get a cake baked in time for Papa George’s birthday bash. “The Star Wars Party Book” has an option even a doofus like Jar Jar could pull off in a pinch. All you need are 24 miniature milk chocolate candy bars and 1/2 cup of creamy peanut butter. Unwrap the candy. Spread one teaspoon of peanut butter on the bottom of a chocolate bar. Stick the bottom of that bar to the bottom of another. Repeat until you’ve created a dozen edible mouse droids. Although Wookiees won’t scare these away, Chewbacca could probably wipe out the whole tray in one sitting.


You read it right. Lightspeed yourself to JustJennRecipes.com, and you’ll find this geektastic creation. The fur is shredded coconut, chocolate bars are the fingernails, and guava jelly serves as the interior blood and guts. Other “Star Wars”-related recipes on this site include Yoda Oreos and Han Solo in Carbonite Jell-O. 


You gotta love a mom who satisfies her kid’s nerdy sweet tooth. This blogger used her force-enhanced kitchen skills to create spot-on replicas of these intergalactic Angry Birds. A mash-up never tasted this good. 


Okay so it’s four cakes and one juice!

We keep page 54 of “The Star Wars Party Book” dogeared for our convenience. That’s where you’ll find out how to make this belly washer. You gotta chase all of those confections with something. The key ingredients are lime Kool-Aid and frozen limeade. The gummy worm garnish seals the deal. For those who prefer a high octane libation, Jabba’s Juice is easily spiked.

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