'Arrow' Season Finale: The Top 10 Things We NEED To See


By Kendra Belran

It’s not weird to make demands for a season finale. Fans have a right to get what they want from their favorite shows before they say goodbye and head to overloaded DVRs to relive every moment. So when it comes to "Arrow," there are just a few (or 10) things that better be in the finale tonight!

This isn’t a matter of want...it’s a matter of NEED.

10. Oliver & Diggle Brodown: Ever since those two had a fall-out that lasted...like a week, things haven’t been as lovely between these two. I know Oliver’s busy with Laurel and defending his dad’s honor, but Diggle needs some Oli-time too!


9. Detectives solving something on their own: The vigilante always does their jobs for them. For once, let’s hope they’re able to figure out Malcolm’s plan before Oliver hands him over in a bodybag.

8. Roy meeting his hero: If we have to wait an entire summer for Roy to ask for the vigilante’s autograph, there will be hell to pay!


7. Moira’s potential breakdown: When you’ve been doing all this scheming to “save your family” and are facing a stack of divorce papers, a mental break has got to be in store.

6. Finding out who the stilettos lady is: If Fyers wasn’t talking to Moira, who the heck was it?!

5. The possibility of Tommy heading out for good: He can’t get over Oliver’s life choice, but said he works closely with his dad. So it’s okay for daddy to kill innocent people, but not for Oliver to get rid of the bad guys? Go away, Tommy! Go away!

4. More priceless Felicity lines: How many situations can Felicity make awkward with her one-liners that Oliver doesn’t seem to get? Let’s hope for at least five to hold us over and give up hope for some Olicity in the fall.

3. Laurel facing Tommy after he saw her and Oliver in the window: Someone’s walking away from that conversation in tears. My guess is that it won’t be Laurel.

2. An arrow in Malcolm and/or Tommy: We’ve already discussed why Tommy needs to head out...but Malcolm? There isn’t an ounce of good in that man.

1. Shirtless Oliver: Thanks to Malcolm we already know Oliver will be bare-chested, but if that could be for the whole finale...no one would be mad about it.


The "Arrow" season finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.