The Daily Geek: Epic 'Catching Fire' Poster, 'ATLANTIC Rim,' And More

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- THIS IS A BEAUTY! Lions Gate realeased this killer poster for "Catching Fire."


- SLEEP IN A BED OF COMICS! The amazing Matt Kindt wrote about all that is great (and not so great) about living the life of a comic creator for The Huffington Post.

I can't watch movies without analyzing the structure of the story and questioning every character choice. I can't read a novel without daydreaming about how the author put the story together. Did they start with an outline and go from there? Or have an ending and then write to it? Why are the chapters so long? Or short? Why did it take half the book for it to finally get interesting? Was that a conscious choice? How many readers gave up before they got to the awesome payoff?

And reading comics goes like this...why is it so short? Why are the gutters between panels so wide? Did they use a brush for that? I wonder what kind of paper? How long did it take them to finish this book? Why did it take so long? It only took me 20 minutes to read something that took them a year to complete. There should have been an extra panel in there to draw out the scene. Why so many splash pages? Don't they know that it doesn't slow down the story - it speeds it up? Maybe they wanted to speed it up?


- ONE'S CALLED TREK, THE OTHER IS CALLED WARS? Abrams was a guest on "The Daily Show" where he discussed making things that have "Star" in the name, and how they're different.

- BEACON! Check out this clip from "After Earth." Did you know the characters are called Kitai Raige and Cypher Rage? Yeah. I know.

- COOL T-SHIRT ALERT! Gravity is a lie! Get it here from Threadless.

gravity is a lie shirt

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