'Adventure Time' Recap: "Shh!" Finn's Sleeping


By Kendra Beltran

Poor Finn, Jake’s always waking that boy up when he’s trying to get some shut eye. Well, that was the case with this week’s "Adventure Time." Both the old and new not only started with a sleeping Finn, but showcased the good and bad side of Jake when it came to losing.

Last season’s “Card Wars” centered on Jake’s obsession with a game of the same name that’s your basic table top card game with some advanced graphics tossed in. When he tells Finn that Lady Rainicorn won’t play Card Wars with him, he feels bad. BMO tries to subtly warn Finn by saying he doesn’t “play such games with Jake.” Finn decides to make Jake happy and play, but he doesn’t care enough to pay attention to the two hours of game explanation. Instead Finn takes control of the game with the help of a pig. When Finn notices Jake’s change in manner, he heads to find BMO. BMO’s like…Told you so; Jake gets depressed when he loses. It’s decided that Finn must take the fall and does. We learn Jake is a sore loser and that pigs can destroy your life if you happen to be a corn farmer.

“Shh!” really focused on the power of background noises; footsteps, scribbling down words, things like that. After Jake announces via a written sign that he’s not talking for the day, Finn holds up a sign that says he isn’t either. Their back and forth exchange results in Jake introducing the idea of a wager. According to Finn the only stake is that the first person to talk will be really disappointed. The only rule? They can only use signs they write in the next 30 seconds.

At breakfast it’s clear that Jake was more efficient with his signs as he has one for every single food item and sadly Finn has one’s that are basically variations of “Hi Jake.” When BMO shares its plans for the day, dancing to its favorite song with Bikini Babes, it freaks out over Jake and Finn's silence. BMO clearly has some sort of paranoia disorder if you ask me. The freak-out leads to it taking refuge in the wall and crying while listening to its favorite song. Jake takes matters into his own silent hands and heads in the wall. On his mission he encounters a spider, a family of adorable active mice and a somber writer. Why does this guy lives in their walls? Have we not learned anything together… We don’t question, we just accept the Land of Ooo.

While all this is going on, BMO’s Bikini Babes show up and when it doesn’t answer, they fly up to the roof. Meanwhile Jake and Finn tried their best to make a note for BMO out of their signs to explain why they’re not talking. When that fails, they tear the wall down. This only causes the Bikini Babes to fall through and BMO tells them to get the two intruders. Jake and Finn don’t do their best to beat off the Babes, and Jakes ends up talking first after he can’t take the pinching of a Babe any longer. Last season Jake couldn’t stand to lose, this time around he seemed to be okay with it. Maturity? Nah, it’s Jake!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Jake and Finn, but next week our attentions are put towards Princess Bubblegum as Peppermint Butler tries to hook her up. Ooo-Harmony anyone? Let’s hope Finn gets some sleep during this one.