Star Trek: Become A Member Of Starfleet Thanks To These 3-D Printed Figures From Cubify


Fact: Everyone would love be immortalized in toy-form. Actually, I'm sure someone, somewhere, is incredibly freaked out at the possibility of that. Perhaps they believe their soul will be stolen by the plastic effigy in some kind of 1980s low-budget, straight-to-VHS, kinda way. I don't really know. What I DO know is that, thanks to Cubify, you can have your very own 3-D printed figurine -- and it'll be "Star Trek"-themed! Yep, as you sit in theaters this weekend, watching "Star Trek Into Darkness", a tiny version of you could be tucked in your pocket, decked out in an official Starfleet uniform. Hey, that's far less creepy than any other situation we can think of that would involve you touching yourself in your pocket.


Read on for all the figure-making info, including comparison photos!

3D Systems launched today the first ever 3D printing-based Star Trek app to create customized 3D printed products and collectibles based on the iconic Star Trek series through the company's proprietary content hosting and publishing platform, Cubify(R). Under license from CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek 3DMe lets users create a full-color, personalized 3D printed figurine of themselves in a Star Trek uniform from the original series by simply uploading two photographs of their face.

Users can personalize their figurines with a variety of options such as authentic Star Trek ranks from ensign through captain, uniform colors, and poses including the famous "live long and prosper" Vulcan gesture complete with Vulcan ears. The unique 5.5" figurines are 3D printed in full-color on 3D Systems' Projet(R) 660Pro, with a ceramic-like feel. Star Trek 3DMe figurines retail for $69.99 each and are available on

"We're delighted to offer Star Trek fans the chance to join the crew of the Enterprise in a way that was never before possible – by replicating themselves in 3D as a crew member," said Sarah W. Stocker, Senior Director of Cubify for 3D Systems.













Fans can be among the first to join the Starship Enterprise in 3D by going to today.