'Doctor Who' Recap: 'Nightmare in Silver'


By Jorge Solis

In this latest episode of "Doctor Who," Neil Gaiman explores the darker side of the Doctor. With millions of Cybermen at his command, nothing stands in the way of the evil Doctor from wiping out the human race, except Clara?

(Spoilers Ahead)

Clara keeps her promise and takes the children, Angie and Artie, on one of the Doctor's time-traveling trips. With his golden ticket, The Doctor takes the children to The Spacey Zoomer Ride. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by a group of soldiers. The platoon has been stationed at the planet for many years and has been waiting instructions from the Emperor.

The Doctor has accidentally taken Clara and the children to an amusement park that has been shut down. Mr. Wembley, the last remaining resident on the planet, takes them to his World of Wonders, a collection of the famous and infamous. Wembley tells them the story when humanity defeated their enemy in the Cyber-Wars. Now a lost relic, the Cyberman sits chained up in a chair and plays a game of chess with Artie. Wembley reminds Artie that the Cyberman has never been beaten in chess.

Angie discovers that a midget named Porridge is making the Cyberman move and receives an Imperial penny. The kids are having fun floating in mid-air while Clara is taking pictures. Porridge tells Clara that in order to defeat the Cybermen, they had to destroy their home planet. The last remaining Cyberman grabs Mr. Wembley and infects him with electronic worms.

When Angie sneaks away, Clara finds her at the army base. The Cyberman suddenly shows up and the Imperial Patrol starts shooting. In the upgrade, the Cyberman can move rapidly across, like a twisted version of a fast zombie. In hyper-fast motion, The Cyberman is able to kidnap Angie before the Doctor can stop him. The Doctor leaves Clara in charge and orders her not to blow up the planet in the meantime.

After Artie is kidnapped, Clara wants to know how the Patrol members can defend themselves. They have no working communicators and none of the soldiers have seen battle. While Clara and the rest of the Patrol head over to the fake castle, the Doctor finds an electronic worm and warns it that the children are under his protection; he is coming to get them. Keeping his word, The Doctor teleports himself to their location.

The upgraded Mr. Wembley reveals that the Cybermen needed children to rebuild their planet. The Doctor unknowingly became the savior of the Cybermen. Mr. Wembley then infects the Doctor with electronic worms, bringing out his evil side. In his mind, it's the Doctor vs. the Cyber Doctor. Because the Cyber Doctor is so impressed with his vast knowledge, he decides to call himself Mr. Clever. The Doctor warns Mr. Clever that regeneration could kill them both. In their stalemate, they agree to play a game of chess, where winner takes all.


Clara only has one pulse gun, a few hand pulsers, and a trigger unit she refuses to use. As he feeds into the brain, Mr. Clever wants to know why the Doctor is eliminating himself from history. Spotting a weakness in their running code, the Doctor slaps himself with the golden ticket, gaining back control of his body.

As the Cybermen are capturing the soldiers, Clara shoots one of them with the pulse gun. The remaining soldiers use their hand pulsers to buy themselves time while the pulse gun is charging up. The Doctor gets back to Clara, ordering her to immobilize him. Mr. Clever wants to talk to the Impossible Girl, warning her that a spaceship is coming. If Clara stays on the planet, she will die.

Clara and the soldiers set up a trap that will electrocute the Cybermen if they step into the water. Clara doesn't know if she is talking to the good or bad half. While mentioning that the Doctor has feelings for her, Mr. Clever grabs her hand and takes the trigger unit away from her. The Cybermen are coming, with no bomb to stop them.

After a Cybermen is electrocuted, it continues to walk across the water. The soldiers are fighting back, shooting the last rounds of the pulse gun. The Doctor says he can end the game in three moves. Mr. Clever notices something is actually wrong when Angie is able to wake up from her trance. The Cybermen suddenly stop before they can upgrade Clara and the others. The Doctor is draining Mr. Clever's energy because he can't seem to figure out how he can be defeated,

The Doctor gets to his sonic screwdriver, grabs the hand pulser, and enhances the power source. Mr. Clever shouts, "You cheated!" as the Doctor shocks himself and regains full control.

Because of her Imperial Penny, Angie knows that Porridge is really the Emperor. With 3 million Cybermen coming after them, Porridge activates the bomb. They are all transported into the Emperor's ship just seconds before the entire planet explodes.

Even though she saved his life, the Doctor still wants to know who the Impossible Girl really is. With traces of the Cybermen still alive in space, will Mr. Clever find a way to control the Doctor again?