'Orphan Black' Recap: 'Parts Developed In An Unusual Manner'


Sarah, a low-life criminal, snuck her way into someone else's life and pretended to be a woman named Beth. While living Beth's life, Sarah discovered she is a lab rat, and a vicious killer is hunting down her identical clones. In this latest episode of "Orphan Black," will Sarah find out the truth behind the cloning experiments in "Parts Developed In An Unusual Manner"?

(Spoilers Ahead!)

If you hear techno music playing at a nightclub, there has to be a bad guy running the place. Olivier, the nightclub king, starts asking Paul questions about Beth. While being videotaped, Paul answers the suspicious questions the best he can, without revealing the truth about Sarah. Outside the nightclub, Sarah has doubts whether or not she can trust Paul.

Cosima wants to continue spying on her monitor, Delphine. Sarah warns Cosima that she is only getting herself into trouble. Sarah slept with Paul, who was supposed to be Beth's monitor. Alison thought her husband was a monitor and now they are at a couples retreat. If Cosima doesn't want to listen to Sarah, then she should forget about asking for help next time. Elsewhere, Helena's wounds have been fixed up by a mysterious man named Thomas. After reminding Helena that she is the original, Thomas gives her a small blade and leaves just as she is slicing her back.

Because Felix, Sarah's brother, can fit in with the cyber goths, he decides to enter the club by himself. He is greeted by a woman with one eye, Astrid, who also happens to be Olivier's assistant. Felix realizes the club is for body mod freaks, followers of the Neo-lution. Olivier reveals to Paul that Maggie Chen was working for him before Beth shot her. Olivier wants to know who is killing his test subjects.


While the detectives, Art and Angela, restart with their investigation, Paul repeats to Sarah what Olivier told him. Sarah holds back and doesn't tell him the truth about Helena. Paul gives Sarah his car keys and reminds her that it is still his job to protect her. In the garage, Sarah is suddenly confronted by Helena. In a restaurant, Helena wants to be friends with Sarah and asks for her fish blade back as well. Helena writes down a note, giving Sarah a number to call at exactly midnight. Sarah must give up the name of a clone and if she doesn't, Helena will kill her instead.

Olivier warns Paul that Beth isn't who she is and they are dealing with an imposter. Olivier is beginning to suspect Sarah is the psychotic killer murdering the identical clones. While Sarah is with her daughter, Kira, she starts to lose her attention. Felix takes over and teaches Kira how to play Queen. Mrs. S then tells Sarah how she ended up in her arms. While England was burning from the riots, Mrs. S was running an underground camp for refugees. Carlton brought in Sarah and begged Mr. S to keep her safe. Mrs. S kept her promise, moved and left everyone she knew to keep Sarah safe.

During their dinner, Cosima watches as Delphine invites Dr. Leakey to join them. The pair don't realize that Cosima is on to their mind game. Dr. Leakey offers Cosima to join him in his research and promises her fame. With Beth dead, Olivier wants Paul to bring in the imposter. Olivier promises to hand over the photographs and make Afghanistan go away. Paul calls Sarah and warns her to run before being knocked out unconscious.

With no choice left, Sarah calls Helena before midnight, tells her abut Olivier, and orders her to go to the nightclub. Sarah sneaks her way into the back and finds herself caught by Astrid. Olivier is fascinated by Sarah because he has never actually met a clone in person. Olivier doesn't care about Helena because he is only interested in the future. To prove he is part of the Neo-lution, Olivier has a tail on his back. After Sarah is dragged away by Astrid, Helena comes to her rescue.

Helena chokes Sarah and promises to let go if she gives up a name. When Olivier sees something wrong in the surveillance camera, he rushes in and finds Helena. She tells Olivier that Thomas has a message for him. Helena twists Olivier's arm and cuts off his tail. While Sarah and Paul escape, Helena dances at the club and tosses the tail away.

Sarah and Paul decide to hide together at Felix's apartment. After discovering a new lead, Art wants to know why Beth looks like Sarah. How long can Sarah keep her secret hidden now that the police are on her trail?

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