Nightwing And Batgirl Get Married! Sort Of!


By Kendra Beltran

There are people who like superheroes, and then there are people like Laura and Seth. See Seth’s first love after Lauren is Nightwing and for Lauren, she’ll always have more than enough room in her heart for Batgirl. So when the two decided to get married, those fandoms had to come through in every aspect. Even their proposal was super, uh, popping the question while skydiving? How much closer can you get to being a caped crusader?

From their engagement photos that showcased the crime fighting couple posing alongside their favorite action figures to their invitations adorned in the respected logos, nothing was left untouched by their Nightwing and Batgirl love.


The only thing that topped those engagement photos were the wedding fashions; his and her boutonnieres, Batman logo earrings, and watches and the bride herself. Lauren’s bridal photos had her decked out in a mask, utility belt, super high top Converse, a custom garter belt. The only thing traditional about this wedding was the white gown.







For the full set of photos, head here!

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