'Game of Thrones' Recap: 'The Bear and the Maiden Fair'


By Jorge Solis

In this latest "Game of Thrones," the ensemble cast of characters confront their own personal truths and heartaches. And a bear shows up in this episode. That's right, a bear!

The "Thrones" crew are in for a ride as author George R.R. Martin adapts his own story in "The Bear and the Maiden Fair."

(Spoilers Ahead!)

After making the climb and leaving the snow behind, Jon Snow, Ygritte, and the rest of the Wildlings are traveling to Castle Rock. The Wildling, Orell, mocks Jon about his relationship with Ygritte. Orell tells Jon, "You will never hold onto her." Ygritte only loves him because it suits her. When Jon's usefulness is over, she will also be done with him. Orell plants doubt in Jon's head and smiles wickedly as he walks away.

Robb Stark realizes Lord Frey is getting a wedding but not the king he wanted. Robb and his wife, Talisa, talk about his mother-in-law who doesn't know her daughter is a queen. When the war is over, he promises to visit her homeland. She wants to bring along grandchildren, which scares Robb a bit. Robb promises to leave the war for one night to be with her.

Jon and the Wildlings continue their travel through the woods. Just like he did with Jon, Orell then tries to get into Ygritte's head. Orell admits to Ygritte that he is jealous because he is in love with her. Ygritte should be with him, her own kind. Does she think the pretty boy will make her happy?

Sansa tells Margery that she's just a stupid little girl who never learns. Margery advises Sansa that she should make the best of her circumstances. Just because Tyrion is a dwarf, that does not mean he isn't a great lover. Margery even admits Tyrion looks sexy with the scar on his face. Tyrion may surprise Sansa in the end.


Bronn and Tyrion are discussing what to do with Shae. Bronn tells Tyrion that his situation is perfect. Tyrion will wed one woman and bed the other. Tyrion though explains that he has two women who despise him, and then the rest of the kingdom will follow. Bronn tells Tyrion that he pays him to kill people, evil notions are for free.

Even though he doesn't bother attending, King Joffrey tells Tywin he wants a report on his meetings with the small council. Tywin then stands next to Joffrey, making him uncomfortable. Joffrey is hearing rumors about Daenerys and her dragons. Tywin isn't going to bother with the rumors because curiosity is not trouble.

Daenerys travels across the desert and arrives at The Yellow City . The city has 2000,000 slaves which gives Daenerys about 2000,000 reasons to takeover. The Yellow City King meets with Daenerys and is frightened by her dragons. The king offers her gold and ships, in exchange she leaves him alone. Daenerys wants the king to release his slaves and give them payment for their services. The dragons protect the gold after the king refuses her deal. The king threatens Daenerys, warning her that he has powerful enemies who want her dead.

To make peace, Tyrion offers Shae a box of golden chains. Tyrion's marriage to Sansa is about duty, not desire. Shae offers Tyrion a chance to run away with her. If Shae stays with him, Tyrion promises her fine clothes, servants, and children. Shae rejects his offer and walks out the door.

Arya is still mad at Beric because he gave up Gendry and took Melisandre's gold. Beric was following the orders of his god, the Lord of Light. Arya only knows one true god, Death. Arya then runs away and is captured by The Hound.

Lord Bolton promises a safe journey to Jaime Lannister as he returns back home. Jaime feels uncomfortable about leaving Brienne behind because he still owes her a debt. Locke tells Jaime that he shouldn't worry about his friend. As Jamie rides away on his horse, Locke promises he will take good care of her.

Theon is suddenly released from his torture chamber by two servant girls. After giving him water, the vixens tease Theon and play a wicked game of seduction. The mysterious torturer interrupts the threesome and shows Theon his specially-carved blade. The torturer wants to know if Theon's junk is the most important thing about him. Theon begs for is mercy, but the torturer insists on making a few alterations.

Jon teaches Ygritte what a windmill is and what the word "swoon" means. Jon warns Ygritte about what will happen when the Wildlings reach Castle Rock. The Wildlings lost 6 times and they will lose a seventh time. Ygritte will die if she attacks The Wall. Ygritte kisses Jon, reminding him that they will both die but first, they must live.

When Jaime realizes that Brienne will serve as Locke's entertainment, he stops his travel and returns back. Jaime hears men cheering and finds Brienne in the middle of a pit. With a wooden stake in her hands, Brienne is fighting against an angry bear. As the bear claws at her face, Jamie jumps down to her rescue. Jaime causes a distraction while Brienne climbs out of the pit. With only one hand for climbing, Jamie struggles to get out as the bear claws and reaches for his feet. Brienne grabs Jaime, pulls him out, and saves him in the nick of time.

How long does King Joffrey have on the Iron Throne after Melisandre reveals to Gendry his true family history? What will Gendry do now that he knows he is the rightful heir to the throne? What's going to happen in the last three remaining episodes of "Game of Thrones?"