'The Walking Dead' Movie: "[It's] Gonna Be In the Works Not Too Far Down The Road"


A movie version of "The Walking Dead"? It can - and will - happen, at least according to series star Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese on AMC's zombie hit:

Watch: Chad Coleman On The Walking Dead Movie

There's been rumors about a movie spin-off of the insanely popular TV show as early as season one, but this seems to be the most definitive confirmation that at least there's been some talk internally, as well as on teh internets. Has Coleman heard some chatter that we're not privy too? Or is this just an actor playing armchair producer, and putting the numbers together: hitshow+money+movie=moremoney.

The bigger question in my mind is, what could a "Walking Dead" movie possibly be about? I would have said the conflict between Rick and the Governor, which is easily the most cinematic of the comic's story-lines... But that just played out in Season 3. And beyond that, what makes both "Walking Dead" the comic, and "Walking Dead" the TV show work is the ongoing nature of the story. There have been PLENTY of zombie movies, done-in-one stories over the decades. But "Walking Dead" is what happens after the movie is over.

Still, there is that "money" thing to think of. What do you think folks? Looking forward to "Dawn of The Tyreese?"