'Arrested Development' Season 4 Trailer Is Full of 'Arrested Development' Jokes


The trailer for the Netflix-exclusive fourth season of "Arrested Development" runs through some familiar plot threads from the beloved ratings-challenged FOX series a little under two weeks before its May 26 premiere.

Didn't the George Michael/Maeby storyline play itself out at the end of the last season of "Arrested Development?" It's been seven years since the back half of the third and final broadcast season aired, and the tone of the trailer looks closer to what we saw in the very good first and excellent second season of the show.* At the same time, it all looks a little familiar.

That's not to say I'm not (wildly) excited about the return of "Arrested Development," it just seems like some things are kind of stuck in the previous status quo, "arrested" if you will, in place.

The fourth season of "Arrested Development" premieres all at once on May 26 via Netflix.

*Season three wasn't bad, but some of the meta stunts woven throughout that final batch of episodes doesn't hold up as well as the tightly constructed first two seasons.

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