The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: NECA's Springwood Slasher Action Figure


On their official page, NECA revealed action figures from its "Nightmare on Elm Street Series" 4 line featuring the very clever "Power Glove Freddy" from "Freddy's Dead" and this creepy, soon-to-be classic, the "Springwood Slasher Fred Krueger" figure.

As fans of the series know, before he was the constantly quipping, extremely-burned nightmare demon, Freddy Krueger was Fred Krueger, a.k.a. the child-murderer known as the "Springwood Slasher." NECA's attention to detail on this toy, featuring the stunning likeness of actor Robert Englund, is seriously something to marvel at. He comes with a removable hat, iconic glove, and patented red and green Christmas sweater. Head over to NECA for more on this and the rest of their "Nightmare" toys.