Steven Smith Does Not Like Sports, Here's Why

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By Steven Smith

Recently, on this very website, I expounded the reasons why I'm not a horror movie fan, and surprisingly received a large number of “I’m with you!” responses as opposed to “Hey, weenie, take off your diaper and watch 'Hellraiser'!” So, I though it would be nice to explain another interesting facet about myself. I don’t like sports either.

Now, this sounds like typical geek fare, nerds who aren’t into football and such, but the plain truth is, many MANY geeks are also sports fanatics and lob the same fervor at their favorite team as they do their favorite comic or television show. I just don’t have enough room in my brain for that, also I have a hard time understanding games. Sports usually involve math, as does music for that matter, and I’ve never been good at math. But that’s not why.

When I was a kid, I played soccer, and I loved it. I was on the swim team until a freak shoulder-breaking accident sidelined me. The accident wasn’t that freak really, I was a dumb kid clowning around on a baseball dugout when a large swath of concrete decided to attack my arm via gravity. I fell. After that injury I spent most of my time reading comics and playing with G.I. Joes leaving any type of expenditure of competitive energy behind.

My father was big sports fan and football player, but to his credit, he never pushed me in any direction. Although I must thank him for getting me into professional wrestling (aka sports entertainment), and letting me watch way too many hours of it. Wrestling is on during Saturday mornings, this still kills me as it’s like real life Bugs Bunny...but with more heel turns.

Many of my friends have their favorite team or sport, mostly due to geographic or collegiate representation, but the only sport I engaged in whilst at university, was hackey-sack and Frisbee. I’m okay at both, but I loathe hippies...weird right? In fact, the only sports related injury I have is a bad knee due to snapping a ligament hackey-sacking.

Yeah, I’m tough, footbag tough.

One correlation I have ever seen with geekdom and sports is the autograph trade. I remember learning how older athletes were charging for their signatures and I was appalled! Now, years later, I can totally understand and see how big a business it is, PLUS the excitement fans have meeting their idols, PLUS getting them to sign their swa!. It’s only a matter of time before sports cons and comic cons merge, and when that happens, you’ll know where to find me. At the bar.

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