'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'The Walking Dead' And Too Many Emotions

The Walking Dead

By Kendra Beltran

Where do you even begin after a "Vampire Diaries" episode like this? It took about 30 minutes for the adrenaline from “The Walking Dead” to level out for me. Now I’m only a little crazed as I try to make sure to cover everything that happened last night from the veil drop to the death shock.

We start off with Elena, as usual. She’s training with Stefan to kill Katherine. Yup, she’s still not over that vendetta. Stefan tries to talk her out of it, but well, that wasn’t happening. While Caroline tries to distract Elena with graduation announcements -- which Rebekah can’t seem to comprehend the importance of -- Damon and Stefan are called to the hospital about some missing blood. This time the blood came from patients. They figure Silas is planning to drop that veil tomorrow night during the full moon. Whenever anything goes wrong in Mystic Falls, blame Silas. It’s always Silas at this point.

Meanwhile Bonnie is set on dropping the veil herself before the full moon. It seems like she has to explain the Qetsiyah plan to Katherine every time they talk, but she does once more and Katherine tries to back out of it. Bonnie then links them to one another. When Katherine threatens her, Bonnie has to remind her that whatever happens to one happens to the other. They start visiting the three points of the expression triangle to get this veil plan in gear.

The Walking Dead

When the power goes out, Damon and Stefan figure Bonnie’s dropped the veil and that she’s at the center of the expression triangle, the high school. They’re basically gumshoes now. In regular "Scooby-Doo" fashion, Damon, Stefan, Elena and Caroline head to the school to look for Bonnie. Stefan and Caroline go one way (aka Scooby and Velma), while Damon and Elena (Daphne and Fred) head the other. Only Elena is still being annoying and is only focused on finding Katherine. Damon spills that she’s with Bonnie. Damon’s willpower with Elena is stunning, isn’t it? Go ahead and go back and reread that with a sarcastic tone. Well Elena stakes Damon and heads out to look for Katherine. In the meantime, since the veil is dropped, Damon gets some help with the stake from an old friend; Alaric.

Elena ends up fighting with Katherine, but umm remember the whole linked thing? Everything she does to Katherine, affects Bonnie. Poor Bonnie’s just trying to contact Qetsiyah and is being beaten and burned. Stefan thankfully intervenes. Bonnie thinks she’s safe with Caroline, but, oh no...it’s Silas! And when Stefan walks in, that too, is Silas. Silas is also there looking creepy. So Bonnie’s stuck in this ever-changing triangle of Silas’ and he’s pissed. He leaves her gasping for breath.

The Walking Dead

Let’s talk about Rebekah really quick before we head back to the real action. She’s trying to have a moment with Matt when Kol pops up looking for Elena. He ends up hurting Matt...nothing serious. He ain’t got time for him, he’s on the hunt for Elena. When Rebekah heads to get a First Aid Kit, she finds Caroline cutting herself. Under the control of Silas, Rebekah can only slap some sense back into Caroline to break the hold Silas has over her.

Back to the action; Elena visits Jeremy’s grave and rambles on about giving up, not being able to move on and Stefan being right. Even when Kol gets her where he wants her, she says to go ahead and kill her because at that point, why live? Who saves the day? Jeremy!!! Well, he distracts Kol long enough for Stefan to snap his neck. That’s right, Jeremy’s back, at least for a night and it gives Elena a true sense of self.

Bonnie is struggling and then gets a pep talk from Grams. With that she gets up and finds Silas, who’s already being chain-choked by Damon. She digs for all her strength and power and turns Silas into stone. The plan is to toss him into the bottom of the ocean. After that, Bonnie is focused on making Jeremy’s stay permanent. Grams warns her that it’s too much but she goes for it anyways.

So here’s where we stand going into the finale…Alaric snagged the cure from Silas’ pocket and gave it to Damon to “get the girl,” Rebekah’s in trouble because her ex-boyfriend Alexander, the vampire hunter has spotted her, Stefan’s happy that he got to see Lexi and the veil is still dropped because Grams was right, it was too much and Bonnie basically killed herself trying to bring back Jeremy. And next week’s “Graduation” has people from the other side searching for the cure, Elena choosing a Salvator,e and I hear an unlikely hero.

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