'Masters of the Universe' Take On The DC Universe in New Six-Issue Mini


By Matt D. Wilson

In August, universes and your childhood memories are going to collide in a new six-issue mini-series from DC Comics.

"DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe" will pit He-Man, Teela, Man-at-Arms and the rest against Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and a slew of other DC heroes when He-Man and the gang travel to Earth to hunt down Skeletor, who has fled to our little blue planet for nefarious magic-siphoning purposes. So many people are trying to siphon Earth's magic these days. Join the club, Skeletor!

The series will be written by Keith Giffen, who also handles writing duties on DC's regular "Masters of the Universe" title and have art by Dexter Soy, who most recently grabbed attention as one of the artists on Marvel's "Captain Marvel" series. Artist Ed Benes is providing covers.

Giffen explained the MOTU characters' trip to Earth in a press-release statement:

Culture shock lives! Actually, they've come to stop Skeletor from doing to the DCU what he's always wanted to do to Eternia. By the way... what makes you think Skeletor came to the DCU voluntarily?

Readers will find out the answer to that question and many more, including why Superman is shooting his heat vision at He-Man's sword (what'd that sword ever do to him?), when the first  issue hits August 28.