What Time Is It? It's Monopoly 'Adventure Time'!


The "Adventure Time" merchandise onslaught continues, as Cartoon Network partners up with USAopoly to announce a special Land of Ooo-themed Monopoly board.

According to Cartoon Network's press release, the board will include locations from the Land of Ooo including the Candy Kingdom, the Nightosphere, and the Ice Kingdom. The money also gets an "Adventure Time" twist, featuring Princess Bubblegum on the dollar bill, Marceline on the fiver, the Ice King at $20 (ooh, validation), Finn on the hundred, and Jake on the $500 bill.


That's great and all, but what are the pieces everyone will be fighting over? Well, the box will contain six of them: Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Tree Trunks, and Ice King's Crown.

Cartoon Network also revealed a Memory card game based on the show featuring characters from the series which is available now.

The special Monopoly board is available now and you can check out an unboxing video below: