Exclusive: Hasbro Reveals 7 New Transformers Construct-Bots

During Toy Fair 2013, Hasbro unveiled yet another incarnation of their Transformers franchise: Construct-Bots! These figures move beyond just the construction/customization-aspect of their Kre-O brand by incorporating ball-joint articulation and the ability to transform without being disassembled! Bumblebee was one of the first to be shown (of course) thanks to the massive popularity he’s garnered over the last few years, but today MTV Geek is bringing you an exclusive first look at the upcoming Scout Class and Elite Class assortments—including, my favorite Decepticon, Shockwave!

Read on as we transform and roll out 7 exclusive Transformers Construct-Bot reveals, in both robot and alt modes!

Scout Class






Elite Class





These Construct-Bots are reminiscent of LEGO’s Hero Factory line of constructable figures; but, like their Kre-O toys, these look to have enough additions (not the least of which being the familiar characters) to set them apart from their distinguished competition.

All of the Transformers Construct-Bots will be on toy shelves later this Fall, so be sure to keep an eye on Hasbro’s official Transformers website, and their online store, for more info as the release date draws near!

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