Exclusive: Vertigo's 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' Release Details


For the graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larrson's massive blockbuster "Millenium Trilogy," Vertigo initially broke each the first book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" into a pair of graphic novels written by Denise Mina, with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti. Now, for the release of the second book, "The Girl Who Played with Fire," the company has elected to change its plans. Read one for full details.

In May 2014, Vertigo will release "The Girl Who Played with Fire" as one complete volume, rather than split it in two. I think this is good news for fans of the series, as it means less books to buy, and less wait time between complete stories.

The second part of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is out now. I spoke with Mina prior to the release of "Book One" about the concept of revenge in the series, and how she translated that into the comics. She said:

I really hoped what would come over is it’s not well that’s all that in the past then and you know that should put an end to that but that’s very comfortable for that sort of narrative bracket. Someone bashes the crap out of you and you do it back and then you feel great, well actually you don’t. But what she’s doing is she’s trying to take responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen to somebody else. Which is exactly what the Berger family didn’t do with Wennerstrom, they sort of covered up they didn’t want to be involved with it. It’s about her taking personal responsibility 'cause she doesn’t trust the authorities to do anything about it, there would be no point in going to the authority, he is the authority.


"The Girl Played with Fire" is out in May 2014. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" books one and two are out now.