'Arrow' Recap: 'Darkness at the Edge of Town'...And Hopefully In Malcolm's Future

Darkness on the Edge of Town

By Kendra Beltran

The week before Mother’s Day and Oliver has to deal with Moira pretty much being Mommy Dearest? Okay, so Moira’s not as bad as that, but come on…she’s getting up there and no one should trust her one bit.

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But before we discuss never trusting Moira, head over to MTV Splash Page to read the details about Malcolm surpassing Tommy in being annoying and Oliver’s pull on the ladies of Sterling City. There you can dive into how Diggle became a security guard at Merlyn’s, Yao Fei’s last good deed, and more about why Roy needs to find the vigilante. From this point on we have to about the worst mother and father of the year and lots of sexual tension.

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Moira has never been my favorite person. There’s something sketchy in every move she makes. She deserved Walter’s divorce papers. After she fell for Oliver’s kidnapping scheme and spoiled Malcolm’s plans, she put the blame on Oliver’s dad. I could’ve and might’ve bought that if it wasn’t for the last island flashback. Fyer makes a call to a woman to tell her that things are about to go down, but we don’t see her face. I’m betting all my chips that it was Moira, she’s been masterminding things from the start.

For Mother's Day, Moira should expect nothing and Malcolm shouldn’t expect a damn thing next month for Father's Day. Not only did he take down an entire lab to hide his tracks, but he’s planning to stage an earthquake to level the Glades. That’s not even the worst part. When Oliver faces him as the vigilante, they get into this huge battle, he knocks Oliver out and discovers the truth behind the hood. First off, we’re supposed to believe Malcolm can physically go to toe to toe with Oliver...okay...and second, what was up with that face Malcolm made when he pulled the hood back? It was a mix of “wtf” and “oh no, why?!” It was awkward to say the least.

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Those two failures aside, Oliver was having some sexual tension and sexual relief this week. After kind of blowing Laurel off, he heads to her apartment and sexy times happen. They happen in front of an open window and who sees? Tommy. This thing with Laurel seems to be some weird payback to Tommy because after Oliver asked Tommy what he exactly did for his dad, and Tommy said he “works closely” with his dad, you could see the wheels in Oliver’s head turn.

While Laurel and Oliver’s sexual feelings were explored, poor Felicity seemed to be out of control. The cops might’ve discovered she’s a hacker, but who cares about that right now. She tells Oliver that she’d “play doctor” with him, and then she basically told Oliver she’s imagined him saying to hold her tight. The best part is that Oliver never really explores what she says; every word out of her mouth rolls by him unless it’s about the task at hand. Felicity, hacker zoned? Yup.

With next week’s finale being called "Sacrifice,” who is going to be the one to give something up? The preview reveals Oliver shirtless and tied up. Malcolm, we appreciate the visual, but really...that’s creepy! Oh yes, it looks like Tommy is going to put on his dad’s hooded suit and face his former BFF. Oliver better introduces an arrow to that guy. That’d teach Malcolm a lesson and stick it to him.

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