'Star Trek Into Darkness' Gets The KRE-O Treatment

star trek kre-o

By Jorge Solis

Have you ever wondered what Captain James T. Kirk would look like as a KREON figure? Hasbro released a stop-motion digital short, starring the "Star Trek" Enterprise crew and featuring their KRE-O building sets and KREON figures.

Produced by J.J. Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, the stop-motion short definitely has the look of the "Star Trek" reboot, especially with the lens flares. If you look at the interior set alone, there is a lot of painstaking attention to detail. When the alien warship shows up, notice how the weapons are lowered. I laughed out loud when Captain Kirk made the inside joke, "That must have taken hours to build!"

For an animated short, I gotta admit the special effects are top-notch here! For the film, the effects were done by Kelvin Optical, one of the visual effects teams who worked on "Star Trek: Into Darkness" When the Enterprise is under attack, the huge alien warship is shooting thousands of lasers everywhere. That's an impressive sight which only lasts for a few seconds! The action continues inside the Enterprise as Kirk and his crew start firing their phasers at the alien saboteurs.

My favorite part of the short is when Hikaru Sulu takes out his sword. Instead of using his phaser, Sulu slides across the floor and starts slicing the other blocky characters with his sword. Sulu holds his own as he twirls his sword around, blocking hits from another alien warrior. This is the part where the crowd goes wild!