The 'Under the Dome' Trailer Definitely Seems Reminiscent Of The Book


CBS has released the first trailer for their 13-week adaptation of the small town sci-fi thriller "Under the Dome." And yep, those are definitely some characters in a small town trapped under a dome, so as far as it goes, writer Brian K. Vaughan is staying true-ish to Stephen King's utterly terrible novel.

Still, the writer behind "Y: The Last Man" has surely figured out more interesting story beats than "teen randomly goes crazy, starts filling a cabinet with women" or "meth-addicted religious fanatic makes friend, has very little bearing on the rest of the plot."

The summer miniseries, which premieres June 24, sees a small Maine town trapped under a transparent dome, where festering tensions and the machinations of used car salesmen/local politician Big Jim Rennie ("Breaking Bad's" Dean Norris) make a volatile situation ridiculous, as King over-plays the religious-secular divide executed so well in "The Mist" for a story about a bunch of small town grotesques nipping away at each other.

Anyway, here's hoping Vaughan was able to salvage something from the story, which King admits he unearthed after putting it away for decades.