LEGO Goes Steampunk With Upcoming Set


Wee goggles! Wee goggles and brass fixtures everywhere!

The staff over at The Brick Blogger (via The Mary Sue) spotted this announcement of a forthcoming steampunk-themed LEGO Master Builder Academy kit. If you're not out there making giant mechanical spiders within a week, there's something wrong with you.

The announcement comes by way of the "LEGO Club Magazine" which revealed that the upcoming set would be coming in July. LEGO's Master Builder Academy kits are typically themed: space, robots, cars, creatures--based on real-world architecture and construction principles, allowing users to add gears and movements to their construction projects. So your hypothetical LEGO steampunk spider will be able to walk.

The new set is LEGO Master Builder Academy Level 4, and although pricing details haven't been announced, previous sets have sold anywhere from $30 to $80.