'Adventure Time' Recap: So Envious Of 'James Baxter the Horse'


By Kendra Beltran

Just when you think a show’s going good and there’ll be no breaks, it takes a week off. "Adventure Time" was back on track this week giving us something too familiar and making us wish we were a horse.

Usually we pull from seasons past for the repeat. Not this time around. Just last November we watched “Up a Tree,” so for those who have kept up to date on season 5, fast forward to the next paragraph. Those who’ve been slacking, here’s the quick rundown. Jake and Finn head out to play Frisbee and Finn ends up losing the disc to a tree after his “perfect throw” backfires. Of course Jake can get the disc, but Finn thinks he has something to prove and heads up alone. On the way he meets a useless porcupine and a squirrel who forces him to eat a magic apple that ends up shrinking him. Tiny and still on the hunt for his disc, Finn stumbles upon the creepiest meeting of tree critters ever (excluding the forest animals from "South Park," I’m still scarred from that). Turns out they’re a cult and chant “in the three, part of the tree.” Finn ends up caught and guarded by the squirrel. The squirrel snaps out of his Stockholm syndrome, they escape and end up riding that disc into the sunset.

As for the new one, have you ever found yourself wanting to be a horse? For most tween girls, the answer is yes. That’s also the case for Jake and Finn in “James Baxter the Horse.” After BMO’s pregnancy goes wrong, Jake and Finn do everything from funny faces to butt cheek suffocation to cheer it up. That’s when James Baxter rolls in on his beach ball neighing his name. BMO brightens and that’s when Jake and Finn decide that they too want to cheer the world up by neighing their names. After failing at a funeral and in town, they decide that they have to come up with their own “feel good” noise. That’s when they get to work.

After some time at The Institute of Sound, they come up with the noise and later the action that’ll make them just like James Baxter. The end up doing well with Finn playing Jake as a trumpet and later balancing on him as a ball, but when they return to that funeral (how long do those take in the Land of Ooo?), their luck turns. The dead rises and is pissed, his ghost almost takes out Jake and Finn. Almost, that is until James Baxter rolls in to save the day by making the ghost chuckle.

This week "Adventure Time" taught us that if there’s someone who can get the disc, let them get the freaking disc or else a cult of tree creatures will lock you up. We also learned that it’s good to make people happy, but there’s always a time, a place and someone who can do it better than you. This includes a horse named James Baxter on a beach ball.