Greg Rucka And Rick Burchett's 'Lady Sabre' Kickstarter Blows Past $27k In First 8 Hours


Comic fans showed a lot of love in the last day to Rucka and Burchett's steampunk adventure webcomic which is making the jump to print, thanks to the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign.

"Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether Vol. 1" (you can find the serialized digital version here) got its start back in 2011, set in a world called "The Sphere," where science and magic clash in the lands dotting the world and above in the traveling Aether Ships.

In a lengthy, passionate Tumblr post last night, Rucka reflected on the successful funding of the campaign, half-hinting at hopes for even more stretch goals in addition to the ones currently being offered:

We’re into the stretch goal territory, now, this is Terra Incognita for us. This was pie-in-the-sky territory, and I just spent an hour on the phone with Eric going over all the pricing on each of the stretches we’d considered, half-laughingly, the ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we could’ things.

Rucka and Burchett's campaign was nearly flawless in its design and execution: not only did the frequent collaborators bring along longtime "Lady Sabre" fans for the ride, but they made the campaign accessible to new readers and potential fans by breaking down to the smallest detail where the money was going and how it would be used. The campaign was transparently being offered to print and release copies of the strip for backers and beyond while offering exclusive versions of the work to those who supported the campaign.

In that same Tumblr post, Rucka talks about this last part, and his own anxiety about being one of those creators whose projects either go unfunded or reach their goal and for whatever reason, fizzle out. Well, as of this writing, "Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether Vol. 1," which is being offered in both digital and print (the horizontally over-sized hardcover design looks lovely), has reached $42,000 with 29 days to go.

So congratulations Greg and Rick--we know you won't let us down.