Not Ordering These New Diamond Select 'Star Trek' Figures Would be Highly Illogical



By Zack Smith

There's little over a week to go until "Star Trek: Into Darkness" (are they actually trekking into darkness?) warps into theaters. So if you're feeling nostalgic for the original "Star Trek" series, be sure to check out this awesome new Diamond Select Spock Figure!

The piece was sculpted by Patrick Piggot of Art Asylum, who have posted pictures of it in the box:



That's some mad Vulcan action right there -- complete with extra hands for a mind-meld.

The figure recreates Spock's classic confrontation with the supremely freaky Horta from the original series' "Devil in the Dark."


Here's the original sequence this recreates, which teaches us all a valuable lesson: Never try to mind-melt with a pile of evil scrambled eggs.

In addition, Diamond Select has this Captain Kirk figure, which recreates his classic confrontation with Khan in "Space Seed." You can practically hear the Shatner stuttering!

001_big (1)

Here's the figure in its packaging:



And here's the original version of that scene, with Kirk throwing down plastic-pipe style!

The figures retail for $24.99 each, and are currently available for pre-order via Diamond Select's website.

Planning to get these -- and are you excited for "Star Trek: Into Darkness"?  Let us know!