'Doctor Who' Recap: 'Crimson Horror'


By Jorge Solis

In this latest episode of "Doctor Who," Clara Oswald and The Doctor are suddenly missing in action. To rescue them, Madame Vastra and her sidekick/wife, Jenny, have to solve the mystery behind Sweetville. Will Vastra and Jenny find out what happened to their missing time-travelers in "Crimson Horror"?

(Spoilers Ahead)

In 1893, Edmund tells his companion they are dealing with dark business. After Edmund enters a glowing red room, Ms. Gillyflower and her mob of Supermodels encounters the distressed woman, offering their condolences about her late husband. She turns around to hear Edmund screaming from inside the room. Later in the morgue, Edmund's brother discovers his sibling's dead body, another victim of the Crimson Horror. Edmund's brother hires the services of married private investigators, Madame Vastra and Jenny. He then hands Vastra a picture of the last thing his brother saw. When Vastra removes her veil after she sees the face of the Doctor.

Because Jenny is the fittest and most beautiful, she can infiltrate Sweetville during their recruitment. The danger Jenny faces is business as usual, according to Strax. Jenny listens as Mrs. Gillyflower gives her sermon about the upcoming apocalypse, which will rain down from the skies. After the ceremony, Gillyflower's blind daughter, Ada, heads over to The Monster Room to give her guest some food.

During the line for recruitment, Jenny meets a strangely toothed woman named Abigail. She recently heard from a relative about how wonderful Sweetville is, but she never heard from her again. In need of a distraction, Jenny pays Abigail to scream and faint, while she breaks in through a locked door.


While Jenny is searching through rooms, Vastra pays a visit to the Mortician. She notices something about the red liquid known as Crimson Horror. She has seen the symptoms before, about 65 million years ago. When Jenny slides open a small door passage, a red hand pops out and grabs her. Jenny means the stranger no harm and she will not do anything to harm him. But if he does anything funny, she will leave him to rot. Jenny discovers The Doctor chained up and painted red.

Ada finds her special monster missing and cries. Men and women are being dipped into a glowing vat of red ooze. Because he walks like a Mummy, Jenny stops and hands the Doctor back his clothes. After healing himself with his electronic screwdriver, the Doctor kisses Jenny, who then slaps him afterwards. The Doctor needs to find Clara, but Jenny thought she was already dead.

In a series of flashbacks, The Doctor and Clara traveled back in time to uncover a murder. Edmond was also investigating the woman's death. The Doctor and Clara pretend to be husband and wife in front of Mrs. Gillyflower. She has a silent partner named Mr. Sweet, who never seems to appear to anyone. The two are then attacked by her Supermodels. The Doctor wakes up just as he is drowning in red ooze. Before he is about to discarded into the trash, the Doctor reaches out and grabs Ada's hand. Felling sympathy, she hides him in the Monster Room. Edmund is the last person to see the Doctor before he dies.

Lost in Yorkshire, Strax meets a young boy named Thomas Thomas, who is his own GPS and offers directions to Sweetville. While trying to revive Clara, the Doctor and Jenny find themselves trapped by the Supermodels. With a smile, Jenny tells the doctor she can handle them. Jenny takes down the Supermodels by using her kung-fu skills. Strax rushes in and starts shooting when the Supermodels bring in their baseball bats.

With the team together, they discover Mrs. Gillyflower will poison the air with the Crimson Horror. The Doctor and Clara find Ada sobbing in the corner. Even after what the mother said to her, she will not reveal the identity of Mr. Sweet. At the factory, Vastra and Jenny find the bomb. In a faceoff with Mrs. Gillyflower, he says, "I am the Doctor, you're nuts, and I'm going to stop you!"

Mrs. Gillyflower rips part of her dress, revealing that Mr. Sweet is a parasitic alien feeding off of her. The Doctor tries to reason with Gillyflower that in the wrong hands, she could end up wiping out humanity. Gillyflower remarks, "You know what these are? The wrong hands!" She even experimented on her own daughter, which is why she ended up blind. After Clara destroys the launching pad, Mrs. Gillyflower then takes her own daughter hostage and points a gun to her head.

The Doctor and Clara chase after the two through the back staircase. Mrs. Gillyflower pulls down the lever and launches the spaceship. When Vastra and Jenny show her they have the venom in their hands, Gillyflower pulls the trigger and starts shooting. Strax returns fire, causing Mrs. Gillyflower to fall to her death. Ada then beats the parasitic alien to a bloody pulp with her cane.

When Clara returns home, she discovers photos from her previous adventures with the Doctor. The children want to meet the Doctor or they will their father that the nanny is a time-traveler.

With her secret revealed, what will Clara do in the next episode of "Doctor Who"?

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