'Orphan Black' Recap: 'Variations Under Domestication'


By Jorge Solis

Sarah, a scheming chameleon, snuck her way into someone else's life and pretended to be a cop. While living her double life, Sarah discovered she is part of an illegal experiment and there are identical clones of herself. Will Sarah be able to keep her double life a secret in "Variations Under Domestication"?

(Spoilers Ahead!)

At the shocking cliff-hanger of "Conditions of Existence," Sarahrevealed to Paul what really happened to Beth. During her investigation, Beth had discovered medical doctors came in and conducted experiments on her while she was sleeping. Alison is checking out the footage from the nanny cam. She wants to why her husband, Donnie, left during the middle of the night. Alison ends up whacking him in the back of the head with a golf club.

Paul wants to be honest and serious with Sarah, but she doesn't trust him. Sarah then escapes through the window. While on the phone with Sarah, Cosima thinks she should stick with science because her new friend might be a monitor. When Sarah shows up at Alison's home, she discovers Donnie tied up to a chair. To find out if he is a monitor, Sarah has to pretend to Alison in front of her husband.

Alison completely forgot about her pot luck party. While the crowd is partying to Spice Girls music, the kids are screaming for chips and there is no ice. Alison continues playing hostess as Sarah interrogates Donnie. To help out with the party, Felixagrees to be the bartender.


Paul explains to Olivier hat Beth is not doing well again and is facing dark days. What would happen if Beth ends up committing suicide? Would Paul be blamed for her death? Paul worries he won't be of any use to the secret program if Beth is discovered dead.

Cosima ends up going with her new friend, Delphine to a lecture. It turns out Max Headroomis the speaker at the lecture! While the lecture is going on, Vic breaks into Felix's apartment and finds Alison's address. After having way too much drink, Alison crashes and ends up sleeping on the couch. Paul finally locates Sarah's car and finds himself near Alison's address.

Sarah explains to Donnie that she will let him loose him after the party is over. Donnie has to rethink what just happened because he doesn't want lose his family. Vic arrives at the party and confronts Felix. Paul breaks into the house and finds Alison asleep. He also finds Donnie lying on the floor and the laptop in the background.

Vic is in the bedroom waiting for Sarah. He wants to know why she faked her death and started a new scheme without him. Paul enters the bedroom and pretends to be Sarah's boss. Paul wants to continue their conversation in the garage. Sarah is trying to save Vic but ends up dealing with the problems of Alison's friend, Aynesley.

In the garage, Paul quickly beats up Vic. With a drill gun pointed to Vic's head, Paul wants to know everything about Sarah, especially her last name. It turns out Paul is actually better at interrogation than Beth and Sarah. He is able to figure everything out just before Sarah enters the room. After Vic leaves, Aynesley spots Sarah in the garage. She pretends Paul is with her and that they are secretly having an affair. In reality, Sarah is trying to keep Paul from killing Aynesley.

After the party is finally over, Donnie reveals to Alison that he was having an affair with his college ex. When he hadn't heard from her, Donnie discovered she was fatally ill. He needed something personal to hold onto. Even after revealing he cheated on her, Alison stays and comforts Donnie as he bursts out crying.

Back at Beth's home, Paul wants some answers from Sarah. If he doesn't like the answers that Sarah is giving him, Paul will slip the poison into her drink. Will Sarah tell the truth or will Paul give her the poison in the next episode of "Orphan Black?"