Hans Zimmer's 'Man of Steel' Score Subtly References John Williams... Or Does It?


When 'Man of Steel' was first announced... And it was further announced that Hans Zimmer would be doing the score, geek music aficionados around the grabbed their Superman dolls with terror. Say what you want about the first five Superman movies, but John Williams theme is untouchable.

Then a bit of Zimmer's score was revealed in the most recent trailer, and we all breathed a sigh of relief; because his new theme is good. Very, very good. Except, on listening to the official, dialogue-less track, it seems Zimmer may be paying subtle reference to Williams' score after all!

Okay, take this with a grain of salt, as I have the world's worst hearing. But the trailer track, which was unlocked from a QR Code on the International poster seems to have notes - literally, just notes - from Williams' theme. In the first thirty seconds, very, very low in the mix, you can hear two or three notes, repeated several times. They could be a horn, could be strings, but to anyone who grew up with the iconic Superman theme, it's pretty unmistakable.

Now, I don't think Zimmer is stealing, sampling, or borrowing Williams - but he is paying a kind of subtle tribute, including the master's signature in his new piece, right up top. What do you think? Am I listening too much into this? Or is the original Superman theme truly there in Zimmer's new track?

I guess I'll have to listen to it on a loop fifty or sixty more times... Just to be sure.

You can pre-order the full Man of Steel soundtrack and check for yourself on Amazon.