Sam Witwer On His 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Emmy Nomination

Sam Witwer

Credit: Joel Aron

By Aaron Sagers

Last week was a forceful one for “Star Wars” fans. Not only did we celebrate May The 4th, but “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” received seven Daytime Emmy nominations.

But if it was a good week for us regular fans, you could say it was a particularly Maul-velous one for nominee Sam Witwer. (Actually, that’s a really bad pun, so please don’t say that.)

Witwer, who voiced Darth Maul in the since-canceled Cartoon Network show, was nominated as an outstanding performer in an animated program, along with fellow “Clone Wars” actors Jim Cummings and David Tennant (yes, the same Tennant). “Clone Wars,” which has never previously been nominated, also received recognition for best direction, music direction, sound mixing and “special class animated program.”

The actor (who also appears on Syfy’s supernatural show “Being Human”) joined me via email for a very brief, and very silly, Q&A about being nominated – and about how the nominations may impact the show’s potential future.


MTV Geek: Where were you when you found out about the nomination?

Sam Witwer: Bleary-eyed, early morning in my bed with a Twitter update.

Geek: Will you attend the ceremony (held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, June 16, and airing air live on HLN)?

Witwer: Oh yes. Or maybe I should send Ray Park in my stead?

Geek: How do you think the nominations will impact any future “Clone Wars” projects or resurrection?

Witwer: I surely think it sends a clear message that a show of such quality cannot be ignored. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that we haven't seen the last of characters like Ahsoka and Maul ... Not that I know anything. I do not. I just think these things have a way of coming around.

The show has always been something I've been incredibly proud to be a part of for no other reason than, as an actor, we all dream of being involved in GOOD projects. This was a good project; a very, very good project.

Geek: How might Darth Maul react to being nominated for an award? Would he attend?

Witwer: He would profess not to care; he would then get his agent to ask slyly if they need any dancers at the ceremony. Darth Maul has always been a song and dance man. That's where he got his moves.

Geek: If you win, will your acceptance speech include phrases with the words "scum," "force," or "bad feeling"?

Witwer: I think I'll just laugh and point at the audience ... then grab the statue and run as fast as I can.

Geek: The Daytime Emmys also celebrate soap operas. Do you have any experience with soaps?

Witwer: I use soap almost every day.

Geek: How did you celebrate May The 4th?

Witwer: [By] going to see “Return of the Jedi”!

Geek: What is your earliest “Star Wars” memory?

Witwer: Going to see “Return of the Jedi”! I also remember getting a stormtrooper action figure before I'd seen any of the movies. There's this symbol on the stormtrooper's back. I asked my dad, "What does this mean?" He said, "Nobody knows." From then I was hooked.

Geek: Currently what's your favorite “Star Wars” toy/item/memorabilia?

Witwer: I think those Force FX lightsabers are insanely cool. We had this weird wind tubes when I was little and we called them lightsabers. Kids have it easy these days. Who wants to bet the next generation will have real ones? And then they'll all lose their hands.