You Can Rent A 'Back to the Future' DeLorean Time Machine


Anyone who's ever seen "Back to the Future" has always wanted to take a ride in Doc Brown's DeLorean, and now they can thanks to It's not one of the actual DMC DeLoreans used in the making of the films, but the street-legal replica is true to the stainless steel time machine we saw on screen. Thankfully, they've found a way around the plutonium fuel system.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the summer and Las Vegas, Neveda in the winter, the famed ride is completely street-legal, and anyone with the funds to make it happen can rent it. According to the website, the Delorean was fitted with a “high performance” upgrade by the DeLorean Motor Company of Houston, Texas back in 2005, meaning the temporal displacement vehicle is ready to roll.

Of course, all of the fun that would come along with renting this bad boy is going to cost a pretty penny. says their daily rental rate is $1,500 per day, plus $1 for every mile driven from the vehicle's starting point of Minneapolis or Las Vegas. Thankfully, some of that money is donated to Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Research Foundation.