Recap: 'Game of Thrones' Must Make 'The Climb'

Game of Thrones The-Climb

By Jorge Solis

In this latest "Game of Thrones, " the ensemble cast of characters are about to watch their hopes and dreams crumble. At a crossroads, each character has to deal with life's twists and turns in their own way. Let's find out what our favorite characters had to do to survive making "The Climb."

(Spoilers Ahead!)

Still on the run, Samwell is trying to make fire for Gilly and her baby. Sam promises to take Gilly to Castle Rock, where she will be kept safe. He tells her stories about how The Wall is made of ice. On a warm day, you can almost see the Wall tearing. As the darkness looms across the woods, Sam sings a lullaby to her baby.

In the morning, Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) watches as Meera Reed and Osha bicker. Bran wants them to make peace but they still trade insults. Meera's brother, Jojen, is having a seizure in his sleep. Jojen needs a belt in his mouth to keep from biting his tongue. He had a vision about Jon Snow being on the wrong side of the wall and surrounded by enemies.


The Wildlings are getting ready to go up the Wall. Ygritte notices Jon Snow is afraid to make the climb. Promising to keep his secret, Ygritte reveals that she knows Jon hasn't turned traitor. Jon must be loyal to his woman because he matters to her and she won't betray him. If he does lie to her, Ygritte will cut off his private parts and wear it around her neck.

While learning how to use a bow and arrow, Arya hits her target but her body is stiff. She needs to trust that her eye knows where the arrow should go. The witch in red, Melisandre, arrives and wants to make a trade. The Brotherhood Without Banners hands over Gendry for her gold. When Arya confronts Melisandre, the witch grabs her cheeks and looks into her eyes. After foreseeing the future, Melisandre promises to Arya that they will meet again.

Theon is still trapped in the torture chamber. His torturer wants to play a game with him. He teases, "Which body part do you need the least?" As the knife slices the pinky, Theon assumes he is being tortured for what he did to Robb Stark. He tells Theon, "If you thought this was going to have a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

For his allegiance, a list of Lord Frey's terms must be met. First, Robb Stark must make a formal apology. Then, Robb must give up part of his land after the war is over. Finally, Lord Frey wants one of Robb's men to marry his daughter. In order to make this deal happen, Robb promises to remember the sacrifice his knight has to make.

In their meeting with Lord Bolton, Jaime is having a difficult time cutting his food. Brienne has to help Jaime because of his one hand missing. Lord Bolton promises to release Jaime once he is well enough. Even though she made an oath, Brienne will not travel with him any longer. As Jamie tries to keep Brienne by his side, Lord Bolton reminds him that he is overplaying his position again.

Margery's grandmother and Tywin are debating over who Sansa Stark is supposed to marry. The grandmother insinuates that Tywin as a young boy had slept with the stable boy underneath the sheets. To strike a nerve, she also mentions the rumors about a brother and sister inbreeding. Tywin manipulates the situation in his favor and has the grandmother agree to his terms.

While climbing the Wall, Ygritte notices the ice is suddenly cracking. The cracks in the ice starts a massive avalanche. Ygritte plunges straight down and is left dangling. Jon has to reach the other side of the Wall before their rope is cut loose. In the nick of time, Jon pulls Ygritte back up and saves her life. As they finally make it to the top, Jon points to her what lies beyond the Wall. As the sun shines down on them, Jon and Ygritte kiss while the Wildlings look on with jealousy.

Sansa still believes she is still going to marry Margery's brother. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) wants to know from Cersei (Lena Headey) who tried to kill him. Though she won't admit it, Tyrion figures out it who gave the order to murder the King's Guard. As Tyrion tells Sansa about their wedding plans, Littlefinger and Varys meet in front of the Iron Throne. Littlefinger reveals that he knew there was a traitor in his midst, exposing Ros as a bad investment. In a sadistic manner, King Joffrey stares at how he has riddled Ros' dead body with arrows.

One way or another, Littlefinger will get what he wants. In life, chaos is the ladder and the climb is all that there is. How will Littlefinger get his revenge against Varys in the next episode of "Game of Thrones"?

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