'Judge Dredd' Short 'Judge Minty' Shows Even The Law Gets Old


Want to see more live-action "Judge Dredd"? This 27-minute short sees an aging Judge struggle to keep the peace in Mega City One.

One of the most compelling things about "Judge Dredd" is the way the comic takes place more or less in real time. The characters around the titular Judge age at about a year-to-year pace, and it's really only our hero who avoids the ravages of time thanks to writers over the years hand-waving away his aging via treatments a la Nick Fury. Judge Minty doesn't appear to have the benefit of advanced medicine to prevent him from suffering the ravages of age--his reaction times are down and he's having trouble maintaining law and order on the mean streets of Mega City One before ultimately heading out into the wastelands.

The non-for-profit short is directed by Steven Sterlacchini who also co-wrote "Judge Minty" with Michael Carroll and it's pretty good. Unlike last year's "Dredd," "Judge Minty' borrows directly from the aesthetic of Wagner and Ezquerra's comics, particularly as the 2000 A.D. strip progressed and the Judges' helmets become more bullet-like.

Sterlacchini's short has some very, very good direction to it, with clean use of digital shots giving us the blasted, mutant-filled wasteland along with overhead shots of the city. So what do you think?