Manga Tipsheet: One Series Ends, Two More Begin


A new Ken Akamatsu series launches, a much-beloved shoujo series ends—such is the circle of manga life. This week's highlights also include another magical-school comedy, this one starring a bumbling witch, and a fresh volume of "Sailor Moon."

sailor moon 11

This week brings volume 11 of "Sailor Moon." Isn't that cover irresistible? Kodansha Comics is also debuting a new series, "Negiho," by Ken Akamatsu; it's sort of a gender-reversed takeoff on "Negima." As Kodansha's Dallas Middaugh explained when announcing the new license at San Diego Comic Con last year:

Negima is about a 10-year old wizard teaching at an all-girls high school, all of whom have a crush on him. In Negiho, Negi is an adult, teaching a kindergarten classs with 5-year old girls who all have a crush on him.


Say goodbye to the sweet shoujo romance "We Were There," as the final volume, volume 16, comes out this week. This series won the prestigious Shogakukan Award in Japan, and it has an avid fanbase here; if you're wondering what the fuss is about, here's a review of the first two volumes, and you can catch up quickly with Viz's digital releases. Viz also has new volumes of "Bakuman," "Naruto," "Psyren," and "Strobe Edge" out this week; you can see the May release calendar here.


Seven Seas kicks off a new series with a chunky omnibus edition: "Zero's Familiar" is a story about a bumbling student witch at a magical academy who accidentally summons a teenage boy, rather than the traditional cat or other small mammal, to be her familiar. Seven Seas' first volume binds up the first three volumes of the Japanese original, which makes for a pretty good deal.

Finally, Vertical's sole new release this week is vol. 4 of "Heroman," Stan Lee's story of a teenager who becomes a reluctant superhero.