Exclusive: Jeff Lemire's 'Adventures of Superman' #2 Preview


ATTN: Fans of Jeff Lemire's work as writer/artist ("Sweet Tooth," "Essex County," "The Underwater Welder," how amazing does that image of Superman look? Awesome, right? If you like that, you guys have to see the rest of this "Adventures of Superman" preview too!

"Superman is the greatest super hero ever. But, he's a farm boy at heart, like me," Lemire told DC Comics about his take on the Man of Steel, he added that getting a shot to work on DC's iconic big blue boy scout is, "Incedible and surreal. In the last year I've gotten to draw Superman and Batman stories. It doesn't get much better than that. Plus I got to draw all my favorite Superman villains including classic Bronze age Brainiac and Luthor!"

"Adventure of Superman" is a digital-only anthology series that will feature a different writer/artist's take on Superman, Lois Lane, and the rest of denziens of Metropolis. About issue 2, DC says, "Straight from the mind of Jeff Lemire, this chapter features Superman vs. Brainiac! Or is it Lex Luthor? Or Zod? All of the above?! Find out for yourself!"

Click the image below to read our exclusive preview!


"Adventure of Superman" #2 is out on Monday, May 6! Download it!