‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The End Of Annoying Elena In ‘She’s Come Undone’?

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By Kendra Beltran

It seems like every week Elena finds a way to get under my skin. When Damon and Klaus are evil, it’s hot, welcoming. When Elena’s sassy, it makes me want to jump through the screen and snap her neck. After weeks of the Salvatore brothers trying everything they could, we see their hard work pay off, find out there’s a lot in store for Katherine, question Rebekah’s intentions, and continue to wonder how Caroline’s not dead from stress in the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” “She’s Come Undone.”

“Vampire Diaries” fans are wonderful guys and gals and the hashtag #vampervention was the star. For once Elena’s storyline was interesting, perhaps because Klaus was only seen for about a minute. Anyways, Damon and Stefan tried getting in Elena’s head and despite Caroline being against the starvation, they continued to keep her away from blood. Then Caroline visits and slips her some because you know Caroline…she can’t stand to see the people she loves in pain. Well, after Elena tells Caroline that she’s clingy and that’s the reason her men flee AND that she’ll look stupid pretending to be human at graduation, Caroline snaps her neck and tells the brothers to do what they must.

This leads to the sunlight tactic, but after Elena breaks free and takes on enough sun to burst into flames, the guys save her. She proved to them that they could never really hurt her. Stefan says they can’t, but Katherine can. For the record, Matt is against Katherine getting anywhere near Elena. They should’ve listened to the mortal because after a harsh verbal back and forth, Katherine “forgets” to lock Elena’s cell door and Elena escapes. Stefan’s to blame for this one. Yeah, call Katherine, she’ll help. Sure…

Source: The CW

Oh, Katherine…she has a lot going on. We’ll talk about the not-really-shocker later. First, Bonnie offers Katherine a chance at freedom if she gives her Silas’ tombstone. See, the tombstone has the powerful blood of one of Bonnie’s ancestors and can allows her to drop the veil to the other side whenever she wants. This is surely bad news for Silas, who she’s hiding out from to buy time.

All that hiding leads to a pissed off Silas. And who does he set his eyes on? Caroline. When she thinks she sees Klaus, and he pours his heart out; it’s Silas. He stakes her and when she wakes, she sees Matt. Nope, Silas and then “Klaus” again. This time he threatens to go after her mother if she doesn’t get Bonnie to him. Every week I’m back and forth with, do I hate or like Caroline? This week my heart ached as her mom became a victim of Silas and she spent the rest of the episode trying everything she could to revive her. Totally not ashamed to say I cried when I thought that was it, then again because her mom pulled through. Then I thought, could this be the turn in her demeanor? Snapping a neck was a sign she wasn’t messing around and then almost losing her mom could’ve knocked something lose. She’ll never be “evil,” but I’m willing to bet she’s the one who goes up against Silas when it comes down to it. Klaus will be so proud!

Source: The CW

Let’s touch on Matt and his awkward thing with Rebekah for a second. Ever since he helped her see she had some good inside her at prom, she’s been hung up on him. She shows up with food for him at the Salvatores, and even offers to help compel him good grades and a scholarship since he’s facing a second year as a senior. Earlier in the episode, Rebekah says that she likes the new Elena, so could she really be forever changed by her prom night act? I’m not buying anything she’s selling at this point.

Now back to Elena. Matt (obviously being used as bait) finds Elena in the woods and begs her to stop. Girl’s got to feed and bites him. Stefan and Damon intervene and Damon threatens to kill Matt to get her to turn on her emotions. She swears he’s bluffing, Matt’s necked is snapped and so are Elena’s emotions. Then she’s a mess of feelings when they tell her Matt’s not dead, he had a ring on. As expected, the floodgates are open and Elena starts having a panic attack. When asked if she’s okay, she can only say, “No, I’m not okay, but I’ll get there.”

Later Elena remembers Stefan said to focus on one emotion to calm down. She chose hate and her next move? She’s going to kill Katherine. Good luck with that as we head into next week’s “The Walking Dead,” and from the preview it looks like Silas is the one everyone’s focused on because well, duh, he’s planning to drop that veil. Great, Elena better make some time to do what she has planned to do.

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