The Daily Geek: ‘Iron Man 3’ Edition

Welcome to MTV Geek’s daily round-up of all things GEEK from the weird, wild world of the web! Got a cool link? Share it with us on Twitter at! Today, to celebrate the release of “Iron Man 3,” we’re dedicating the entire column to Marvel’s Armored Avenger, Tony Stark!


Here are 10 non-spoilery things to look for in “Iron Man 3”!

And here are some possibly spoilery things from the movie’s junior novelization!


What’s some of the best (and worst) “Iron Man” cosplay ever?

And here are some of the weirdest “Iron Man” costumes ever!


These new Iron Man and War Machine toys are incredible!

As are these adorable Minimates!

And this crazy-realistic Tony from Hot Toys!

And Hasbro’s line from Toy Fair 2013!

Watch: Hasbro ’Iron Man 3’ Toys


Mondo does “Iron Man 3” and it’s as awesome as expected!

What if “Iron Man 3” was made of LEGO?


The “Iron Man 3” trailer gets sweded in this pair of clips!

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