'X-Men' #1 Preview Offers Up Planes, Trains And...School


By Matt D. Wilson

Initially set to hit comic-shop shelves April 17, Marvel's new, all-female X-Men title by writer Brian Wood ("DMZ," "Star Wars") and artist Olivier Coipel ("Fear Itself") is all set to really release May 29, and the publisher's got the preview pages to prove it. Five of them, in fact.


They aren't lettered, so it's not entirely clear what's going on here, but there seems to be a considerable amount of activity in and on vehicles.

One double-page depicts Jubilee holding a baby on an airplane while a distinctly Sabretoothy character sits nearby. Two of the other pages show Storm and Rogue helping Kitty Pryde infiltrate a passenger train on which Ms. Lee is riding.

The other page seems to indicate there will be high drama at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning as Storm and Rachel Grey appear to dish out some discipline.

The only confirmed team member not to appear is Psylocke, who is doing plenty over in Uncanny X-Force.

Marvel didn't give a reason for the delay of the title's release, but if it was to accommodate Coipel for a little extra art time, it would appear to have been worth it.

See all the pages below: