May The 4th Be With You: The Most Crush-Worthy 'Star Wars' Characters


By Kendra Beltran

While other little girls and boys had teen idols and the latest Sports Illustrated covers on their walls, your décor was from a galaxy far, far away, wasn't it? Classmates never understood why you continuously gave out "Star Wars" Valentine’s, when obviously you were just hoping your crush would share the love and return the sentiment with a simple, “Like you, I do.” You may or may not have found someone to share your Empire with though, because in the back of your mind, no one could come close to being as perfect as your favorite "Star Wars" character. Let’s admit it; most of us have fantasized about spending a night with Darth Vader, our wedding to Yoda, and seeing the Princess Leia in that famous bikini. In honor of "Star Wars Day," the following are some of the most crush-worthy characters and the reasons why they continue to be #1 in many of our hearts.

10. Obi-Wan Kenobi


This dude is always trying to do what’s best for people, but what does he get in return? His protégé turning on him! He’s damaged but you KNOW you've always wanted to be his chosen one. Here’s it gets tricky though...and I wasn’t quite sure…do you guys want the old or new Obi? Like that little girl in that taco commercial says, why not both!?

9. Anakin Skywalker


This isn’t about the man he became but the young man he once was. You swooned over every word he said and even adored that rat tail he had going on. You may have even grown your own just to feel closer to him, and that’s okay. Just don’t show anyone the pictures. Anakin, in your eyes, would’ve never turned to the dark side if you’d been his Padme.

8. C-3PO & R2-D2


You can’t have one without the other and that’s the reason you’ve always been somewhat attracted to the idea of these two being by your side; they’re like a Twix bar. C-3PO might be a bit skittish at times, but you have to admit you wouldn’t mind him whispering sweet nothings in that accent. Then there’s R2-D2 -- the best part about him one as your mate? He always knows exactly what to say and even when he doesn’t, you have no clue he was wrong anyway.

7. Luke Skywalker


He kissed his sister that one time, but you’re not holding that against him forever. Luke is your main man when it comes to making your nightly list of top characters because you’re attracted to a man that’s got a bit of history. Well, not really a man, but more like a guy with boyish charm. Look at that face, you can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to pinch those cheeks! Would you dare do that to a Jedi though?

6. Padme Amidala


First thought when you heard about her -- MILF! She is an ideal feminist and is stunning, even with that little line down her lip that you’ve dreamt about smearing. She's a queen, a senator and name of state and that's what you’ve admired most. That, and the way she’s able to make even the most serious guy crack a smile. Plus, you’d forgotten how good someone can look in all white.

5. Chewbacca


Is it strange that because of your love for Chewie that you only date those with a little extra body hair? Yeah, that’s a little weird...but to each their own. From the sounds he makes to his loyalty, Chewbacca has always been the one you’d want as your co-pilot.

4. Princess Leia


For many, Princess Leia was a turning point in puberty. You have never stopped thanking Jabba the Hutt for that infamous scene and outfit. Like her mother, Leia’s beauty can only be matched by her will to kick ass and her ability to look phenomenal in white as well. In your tamest dreams, you’ve been the one to unwrap those buns...and in your wildest dreams, well, we’ll keep this PG!

3. Yoda


Brains are always attractive and that is why you love this little green guy. Sure, you have no idea what he is exactly…but that’s okay with you, and despite his size, he could protect you against anyone in the galaxy. You aim for the best of the best and you would argue with anyone that Yoda is the best when it comes to being a Jedi. Simple as that, it is.

2. Han Solo


Luke had the boy nextdoor good looks but Han Solo was all man, and that’s exactly why you leaned towards him. You want a guy who can handle anything that comes his way and wears the hell out of a vest.

1. Darth Vader


Wait, we already talked about Anakin. Yes, yes we did, but bad is always better, right? In your case it is, and that’s why Darth Vader sits on top of your Death Star shaped heart. He might not use his power for good, but you know deep down that you would be his perfect accomplice because you yourself have always had a bit of a dark side.