‘Arrow’ Recap: Mama’s Secret And Commitment Issues In ‘The Undertaking’

Source: The CW

By Kendra Beltran

The finale is approaching and the writers of “Arrow” aren’t making the idea of months without Oliver Queen easier to handle. I mean, I could’ve walked away for the Summer feeling okay with life, but then, in “The Undertaking,” too many secrets were revealed! We need to tie up these loose ends ASAP!

You can check out every detail of this week’s episode, including a small appearance from Tommy (thank goodness), no Roy (sad times) and Walter (excuse me…?), over on MTV Splash Page. I’m going to dedicate the rest of this recap to Oliver’s commitment issues, Felicity’s shining moments, and Moira possibly ending up on the infamous list.

Source: The CW

The best thing about this week was, again, a minimal amount of Tommy. He was only mentioned when Laurel went to tell Oliver that the two had broken up. Oliver’s advice seemed heartfelt, saying to do what they never did; talk and be honest. When Laurel tries, we see Tommy for a quick second, he brushes her off and tells her that he can’t be with her because Oliver’s still in love with her. Later, Oliver tells Laurel that Tommy wasn’t lying. Here’s the thing though, Oliver says that, and then leaves. I know he has those issues of not wanting to be close to people, but come on! In the flashbacks, he practically jumped on the doomed yacht to get away from Laurel who was pushing for the two to move in together. All this week taught me about Oliver is that he really hasn’t changed all that much when it comes to letting people in emotionally. Physically, he’s all in though.

Usually Felicity falls in the background of a hack job, but not this week. She finally got to leave that basement; trying to get Diggle to come back and helping Oliver track down some information on Malcolm. Something unexpected was Felicity getting all dolled-up and her telling Oliver, “It feels really good to have you inside me.”

Source: The CW

Get your mind out of the gutter people!

If you read the Splash Page recap, that makes a lot more sense and is purely PG. While it was nice to see Felicity get out from behind her computer, it felt right when she met Laurel and Oliver’s family. She’s taking baby steps toward being Oliver’s main squeeze, in my mind at least.

Oliver, Laurel, and Felicity were whatever compared to Moira and Malcolm though. After the whole thing that goes down with Walter, Oliver realizes how shady his mom and Malcolm are. What Oliver doesn’t know — and what needs to be resolved before the season finale — is Oliver finding out that Malcolm’s the reason his family’s yacht went down.

TGFF – Thank God For Flashbacks!

My jaw is still on the floor from that tidbit, hell, wholebit of information! Oh, and with Oliver knowing his own mother is in cahoots with Malcolm…do you think he’ll add her to the list? Let’s take bets now on whether or not Oliver can confront his mom about this, or if he’ll just take an arrow to her.

Are me and Oliver in sync? I asked at the start if they were going to “tie up loose ends,” and he goes and mentions that in the preview for “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” Laurel and Oliver’s relationship, or lack thereof, has to take a backseat to this thing with Moira and Malcolm. One of them just has to get an arrow through the face before we wrap up this season in two weeks.