The Daily Geek: New 'Wolverine' Trailer, Falcon Needs His Wings, And More

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- HAVE YOU HEARD OF WOLVERINE? The CinemaCon trailer for "The Wolverine" is heavy on the Silver Samurai action

- I THINK FALCON NEEDS SOME REDBULL! Here's the first look at Anthony Mackie as Falcon in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," sans wings.


- MUST READ! TCJ discusses "The State of Comics Criticism: 2013."

- MEET MAZER! Here's what Ben Kingsley looks like in "Ender's Game."

- SETH MACFARLANE IS RICH! The "Family Guy" guy installed a $1 million home theater in his home.

- BEST SECRETS? J.J. Abrams will receive a super special Emmy award.

- MISSING! Help Roger Landridge find his missing art.

- DEADPOOL'S DEAD! This "X-Men" #1 variant riffs on "Abbey Road."


- KICKSTARTIN'! The graphic novel "Shogun Rising" needs your help. Check it out!


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