Scientists Create The 'Star Trek' Logo Out Of Atoms


Scientists at IBM have boldly gone and created an incredible series of "Star Trek" images out of atoms! To celebrate the release of "Star Trek Into Darkness," they created the above .gif and below images using a revolutionary microscrope/camera that they previously used to shoot the Guinness-certified world's smallest movie "A Boy and his Atom." See more images and more details below!





From the official press release:

Using the smallest object known for engineering data storage – atoms - IBM scientists shrunk the big screen down to the atomic level and created "The World’s Smallest Movie: A Boy and His Atom." The tiny Guinness World Record certified movie is comprised of almost 250 stop-motion frames that were combined into an animated film. To help bring this world of atoms to life, the scientists used their scanning tunneling microscope, a unique two-ton microscope that operates at -268 degrees Celsius to tell a short story of a boy (who’s made of atoms) playing with an individual atom.

Check out more behind-the-scenes science fun in the video here!

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