Valiant's 'Quantum and Woody' #1 To Feature A Talking Goat Cover, Screaming Version Pending


By Matt D. Wilson

The first thing you should probably know is that "Quantum & Woody," the "world's worst superhero team" Valiant Comics is rebooting this summer with writer James Asmus ("The End Times of Bram and Ben") and artist Tom Fowler ("Venom," "Mysterius the Unfathomable"), have a sidekick who is a goat.

That does a lot to explain why the publisher has announced that a variant cover of the new series' first issue, which hits stores July 10, will feature a full-face shot, drawn by Fowler, of said goat. And if you have a smartphone, it talks.

Here's how it works: Fans scan a QR code with their phones and place the screen over the goat's mouth on the cover. Like magic, the goat is delivering what the publisher called an "ennui-laden soliloquy" in a press release. Or maybe it's just a bunch of funny noises. The animation comes from Neal Adams' (yes, THAT Neal Adams) Continuity Studios.

You can actually hear the goat's various ramblings, as voiced by Sheldon Lee, in the video below.

Watch: Quantum and Woody #1 QR Voice Variant

Retailers should prepare themselves to hear this all day, every day for one full month. We weep for them.

The issue will have a regular cover by artist Ryan Sook and another variant by Marcos Martin. To our knowledge, neither of those talk unless you hold them up to your face and make it happen yourself.