10 Non-Spoilery Things To Look For In 'Iron Man 3'


I’ve seen "Iron Man 3"! Which isn’t quite as special as you might think, since it’s already playing in most of the world that isn’t the good old U.S. of A. But since we haven’t seen it in America, I thought I’d give you ten things to look out for this weekend – and heck, get excited for – in the third adventure of Marvel’s Armored Avenger:

10. Ben Kingsley Is Perfectly Cast

You know how we all kind of raised our eyebrows when Sir Ben Kingsley was cast as Asian baddie The Mandarin? We needn’t have worried. Kingsley is perfectly cast, and nearly steals the whole show. Though the show is actually stolen by…

9. Pepper & J.A.R.V.I.S.

There’s been a lot of armchair producing, trying to figure out what movies should be in Marvel Phase 3. Forget "Iron Man 4," after seeing the threequel I want Tony Stark to step back and let his girlfriend and A.I. Butler team up to solve mysteries – and kick butt.


8. It’s Pronounced “ExTREMis”

Fans of Warren Ellis’ fantastic "Iron Man: Extremis" should be forgiven for pronouncing the biological MacGuffin like it was an x-treme energy drink. Turns out, it’s pronounced like the word “extremities,” which is a good hint as to what it does in the movie.

7. Killian Isn’t The Same Guy As In The Comics

Speaking of Warren Ellis’ Extremis, Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian appeared in those pages for about two panels, both of them dead. He’s not even remotely the same character in the movie, and Pearce owns it… Though between this movie, and Prometheus, he’s about one prosthetics job away from remaking The Nutty Professor.

6. I’m Blue

I don’t think I’ve thought about Eiffel 65’s europop hit since it came out in 1999, but I’ve been humming it ever since I saw “Iron Man 3”… And it’s pretty much perfectly used in the flick.


5. There’s Just The Right Amount of MCU

This is very much a Post-Avengers movie, with references and notes about the previous films running throughout. And in a certain way, "Marvel's The Avengers" is the inciting event for "Iron Man 3": this movie, and its plot wouldn’t be possible without the mega-team-up. But unlike the occasionally shoed in references in the Phase 1 films, "Iron Man 3" just feels like a movie that takes place in the Marvel Universe, and because of that, things get mentioned. There may be set-up for other films (heck, I’m sure of it), but it doesn’t hit you over the head.

4. Downton Girl

There’s a running joke involving "Downton Abbey’s" Jessica Brown Findlay that may have been a sly reference to the actresses almost-casting as Sharon Carter in "Captain America 2." Or, it could just be the biggest PBS advertisement of all time, who knows?

3. Tony Stark’s The Kid

While we’re drawing crazy lines between things, former Chaplin star Robert Downey Jr. spend a good chunk of the movie palling around with a kid he doesn’t want to spend time with, similar to the classic Chaplin movie “The Kid.” I have no idea where to go with this particular thread from there, but the kid’s relationship with Tony is great, and I hope this isn’t the last we see actor Ty Simpkins in the Marvel U.


2. It’s Lethal Weapon With Robots

Which, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with. The final act in particular plays off Stark and Rhodes like the Marvel Universe versions of Riggs and Murtaugh. All it needed was an “I’m getting too old for this s**t,” and we basically would have had "Lethal Weapon 5." But with robots. And that’s awesome.*

1. That After Credits Scene

Nope, not going to tell you what it is, but it’s kind of brilliant in how it totally recontextualizes everything you know about the movie. It’s not going to make you scream like the after-credits scene in "Iron Man." And it’s tough to beat a surprise Sam Jackson showing up as Nick Fury to plug the Avengers Initiative. But it is still pretty incredible who shows up.

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