The 10 Best (And Worst) 'Iron Man' Cosplay


By Kendra Beltran

With "Iron Man 3" coming out this weekend, you might be thinking of heading to the theater in your best Tony Stark get up. Well, there’s so much that could go right, but just as much that could go wrong. While all these are super attempts, not all are superheroic. We’ll start with the good news to ease the pain that’s coming with the bad.

The Best

6. RDJ?


Photo by: Leonard Lee

If you're going to cosplay, it certainly helps if you're a dead ringer for "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr.

5. The Skimpy Outfit


Source: Gameplayers Review

It’s become the norm to just take a costume for make it smaller and cuter for a lady. This girl seemed to pull off though without looking like a centerfold.

4. Intense Poses


Source: Bad Haven

It’s one thing to dress up, it’s another to commit to your character.

3. Making it Chic


Source: Farbots

Hats off to this girl who went the extra mile and made Iron Man a super female badass. Bonus points for the sweet photography.

2. The Cutie Pie


Photo by Coregeek

Baby Iron Man couldn’t be any cuter.

1. Inside & Out


Tony Stark’s a good looking guy, so to have a man inside the suit to match the hotness that radiates on the outside? Perfection. The moving suits ain't too bad either!

Oh lord, here comes the “well, you gave it your best shot:”

The Worst

4. UMMM...


Source: CheezBurger

Seriously...who knows?

3. Half-Assed


Source: Bad Haven

I wasn’t aware Iron Man went out in Wranglers.

2. Paper Mache


Source: Great White Snark

Not even the most green person would want to recycle this one.

1. Tape Man


Source: wtfeck

He was all done and then said to himself, you know what this needs? Tape, a lot of tape. Yup, that looks good, time for the con.

"Iron Man 3" is out Friday May 3.